Hollywood comes together to mourn the loss of Bevin Prince's husband
by Jaskiran Kaur | Mon, 11 Jul 2022 04:57:20 GMT

The world has collectively taken a shocked breath as Star Bevin Prince from One Tree Hill shared the tragic news of the passing away of her husband, William Friend. The doting husband passed away at the young age of 33. Will Friend passed away on July 3, Sunday, after he was struck by lightning. 

The unexpected tragedy occurred near Friend's house in Wilmington, North Carolina, as revealed by WECT News. Friend, a CEO, was struck by lightning near Masonboro Island when he was on a boat. 

He was quickly approached by emergency responders who tried resuscitating him on the spot and in the ambulance. However, he was pronounced dead on the way to the hospital, shared WECT News.

The CEO's friend Odette Annable shared an emotional message, sharing her pain over the loss of her dear friend. Her heartfelt message read as follows. 

Annable opened the message announcing the untimely death of her friend Brit William who was also the loving husband of her best friend Bevin Prince. She said the most unimaginable tragedy has occurred and that they have now to wish the final farewell to their closest friend together. 

In her Instagram post, the Supergirl alum continued writing how surreal it was to write a eulogy for her friend as she addressed him. She wrote that Will was just starting the better part of his life and had just begun his adventures. 

The star, aged 33, wrote that even though they lived thousands of miles apart earlier, the love and consideration he showered his wife with always made her feel like they were close. She ruminates that it always felt like he was a wonderful gift for Bevin.

Not only Bevin, but everyone who knew the CEO was blessed to be with him and his company as long as he lived, said the California native. He was full of passion and a bright enthusiasm that burned brightly in his soul. 

He was always busy with helping others, building up his business, and finding the deeper meaning of happiness like no one else she knew, said Annable. She deemed that Friend was the best thing that happened to Bevin and was perfect for her in all ways. 

Not only was Friend a very doting and committed husband to his wife, but the heartbroken star also mentioned how supportive a friend was for her being his closest ally in business. She said that he was very trusting of her and that she will always be extremely thankful for having seen the kind of love he was capable of. 

The star ended her message by saying that the CEO departed from the world like a "blaze of glory." She wished him eternal peace and rest in the worlds beyond and jested how he was a British man who loved America dearly. She ended the note with an "I Love You" tag. 

Additionally, the Cloverfield star also requested family and friends of the star to donate to the cause which Will believed instead of sending flowers to the grieving family. She attached the Go Fund Me page of the English CEO. 

Bevin Prince, the star aged 39, starred in One Tree Hill, a CW series from 2004 to 2012. She and Friend entered marital bliss in May of 2016. 

They moved together to Wrightsville Beach from their earlier New York City residence during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic to be closer to their families. They had initially together launched a fitness business, Recess, in the year 2019. 

The fitness cycling company also took to its Instagram page to share its condolences with the grieving family and offer tribute to the late CEO. They opened the message by saying that they are extremely grateful for the love and support they are receiving from the community in these difficult times from the Recess community. 

They shared that it was Will's guidance, knowledge, and support that helped build the fitness community. The post was paired with a photo of the couple and read that Will was truly appreciative of the passion behind the American Dream, a steady business, and empowering women in business. 

The page continued that Will would have appreciated seeing his community grow and add more people to the company and employ many others to reach success. The CEO was very considerate as he always tried to work the best for his employees and created opportunities for them to grow with their work. 

They appreciated Friend for the legacy he created and left behind. 

Friend was very happy with his American life and told on a podcast, The Fort, that he had fallen in love with the concept of the American dream and with America itself. He had visited America initially to visit a friend. 

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However, he ended up liking the States enough to start living there permanently. He had shared that he truly appreciated living there as he had lived at other places too and could see what it was like to live in different places. He had also shared that he was grateful for living there and believed that anything was possible in the States.