Honey Singh’s Wife files Divorce: Accuses Father-in-Law of Inappropriate Sexual Advances
by Susweta Bose | Fri, 06 Aug 2021 06:16:46 GMT
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Singer Honey Singh aka Hridesh Singh's wife, Shalini Talwar, has filed a 120-page divorce petition with an accusation of mental, verbal ad physical abuse in Delhi's Tis Hazari Court under the 'Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act.' The court, following the notice, has asked Honey Singh to file a response within August 28. He has also been asked not to dispose of Shalini's jewelry or the joint property of the couple in Noida.

Shalini has accused that Honey Singh was disloyal, had relations with other women, and mercilessly beat her, pulled her hair, and punished her often. Honey Singh also beat her for posting their marriage pictures online. The plea mentions Hridesh Singh "showed no shame in attacking, browbeating, manhandling, cheating and causing irreparable harm" to his wife. She further states all the rappers' songs are a result of his derogatory lookout towards women. She added that while Talwar contracted COVID, Honey Singh offered no help or sympathy and even did not take her calls.

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She has also stated that her father-in-law once walked into her room while changing and touched and felt her breasts. She said she was terrified of the entire family.

She has demanded a compensation of 20 crore and 5lakhs monthly. She added she felt like a "farm animal, shepherded from here to there while being treated cruelly".

"Due to mental harassment and cruelty imposed upon her over a period of time, she also suffered from symptoms of depression and sought medical help," she stated in the plea, filed through advocates Sandeep Kapur, Apoorva Pandey, and G G Kashyap.

A close friend of the couple stated that the couple was much in love. “He never had an affair with anyone. She supported him a lot. He had bipolar, then got a bit away from Bollywood, it was her who got him back to alright. He was depressed that they weren’t able to have a child. Family ke andar kya hua, pata nahi”.

The source also added that while Honey Singh was consumed by alchochol he was rather faithful to Shalini, “Yes, Yo Yo drank before. Lekin affair nahi dekha maine. Musicians have such a life that they’re inside their studios mostly, nasha karte hain, music banate hain, and repeat. Baaki har family ke andar ladaai toh hoti rehti hain.”

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Singer-rapper Indeep Bakshi stated, “I don’t know too much about this, what’s the truth. Par mujhe sunke achambha hua hai. When you work with someone, you feel good, you gain something. Bhai kuchh time pehle beemaar ho gaye the, I went on my own path to survive. Then he got well, that was so good, and we collaborated again for a hit song. Ek dum se yeh sab ho gaya… it’s very shocking,” tells us the rapper.

 “Personally, guys tend to talk about personal things. Till date there hasn’t been any about his wife being troubled or the family not being happy. Ho sakta hai bhabhi bhi theek hon. When someone is in the limelight, everything becomes bigger. Of course, if something is wrong, it’s wrong. He was always full of energy and dedicated, he had got her to a reality show as well, but one never knows what goes on inside a family. The Me Too movement did a lot of good for women, but at the same time, even people who’re innocent, problems have come up for them, as authorities take action without knowing everything. Baat dono side se honi chahiye,” he opines.