How are the Charlie's Angel actress living life with their little angels?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Mon, 18 Jul 2022 01:34:32 GMT
Barrymore, Diaz, and Liu are at the height of their acting career along with being amazing moms; Credits: News Tinger

Hollywood can be increasingly sweet at times. One of the most heartwarming pieces of news from the industry recently has been Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore from Charlie's Angels keeping in touch to send each other their baby pics. 

Though the two actresses have managed to stay in contact for a long time since the film, they are yet to meet in person and meet little angel babies of each other. 

Lucy Liu, the Kill Bill actress, opened up about the friendship between the two actresses as she came to the sets of Us Weekly last Thursday to promote the new American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card. The actress shared that as Cameron is in L.A., she hadn't had the chance to meet with her baby. 

However, she has had the opportunity to attend some of Drew's birthday parties and has had the chance to meet her kids earlier. She said that the meetups were very fun at Drew's house. The actress, aged 53, shared that the children of Barrymore are a little older than Rockwell, her son. 

Yet, they are all incredibly appreciative of each other when they meet. 

Liu did mention that she and her co stars do not get much time to catch up with each other or hold meetups. However, the former angels do make sure to reach out to one another from time to time every other while and stay in contact. 

Liu became the mother to her son, Rockwell, back in 2015 via surrogacy. The son of The Watching the Detectives actress is now 6 years of age. 

Cameron Diaz also became a parent via surrogacy in December 2019. She shares the child, Raddix, with her husband Benji Madden. 

Barrymore herself is a parent. She shares her two daughters with her former husband Will Kopelman. Her elder daughter Olive was born in 2012, while the younger, Frankie, was born in 2014. 

While the actress has not had physical meetings to connect with the children of each other, Liu shared that the three friends usually send pictures of their kids to each other. Though she did add that they haven't yet come around to sharing some major parenting tips with each other. 

However, the actress from New York does have the hitch that her other two co stars from the 2000 film are doing just fine. 

The other stars from the film are also having a great time as they bring up their children. Only recently a source shared with Us that actress Cameron Diaz and her husband Benji are in talks about having another child together. 

They have been looking at surrogacy as an option for their probably next baby. Liu herself shared that they could have a second child too sometime soon. They could look into adopting as one of the ways to bring home their baby.

Talking about wanting a second child, Liu explained that she always loved children and had wanted to be there for a child with special needs. She elaborated that her family is comparatively stable these days and it opens up the opportunity to be home with another baby. 

Looking back into the Charlie's Angels franchise, the actress added that she would be happy to make another film in the series. Talking about the stunt routine of the film that she followed earlier, the actress explained that this time she would be actually able to do her stunts even better, thanks to the amazing new fitness routine that she follows.  

The Emmy nominee explained that she now has a better understanding of her body and what all she can accomplish with it. Looking back in time, she explained that she was just like a big puppy with big feet trying to see what all she could manage. 

However, with time, she has learned better control of her body and understood how it is connected to her mind and how she can command it. Hence, the Elementary actress is more ready than ever physically to take on the next film in the Charlie's Angel franchise, if there ever is one. 

Talking about what initially could have hindered her knowledge of the power of her own body, she revealed that she wasn't aware of her mental strength, and how emotional and physical strength tied with it. 

Cameron Diaz had also recently opened up about bringing home their daughter in 2019 and how she and her husband wanted to protect their little kid from the prying eyes of the outside world. Diaz had shared that she hadn't always wanted to be a mother, but being the parent to her daughter had brought many gratifying moments in her life. 

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The three actresses are doing well in both their family lives and character-wise, and are all making waves with their phenomenal hold over their acting talents.