How crazy could Kim and Jimmy get in the sixth season of Better Call Saul?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 19 Apr 2022 01:53:37 GMT
Kim (Rhea Seehorn) and Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) have a lot to experience in season 6| CREDIT: GREG LEWIS/AMC/SONY PICTURES TELEVISION

Better Call Saul has begun its final journey towards the truth as of April 18, on AMC. 

Jimmy McGill, also known as Saul Goodman or Gene Takovic has been through a difficult time during the entirety of the six seasons of the show, but the stakes are even higher this time in the show's season finale. The Breaking Bad prequel series stars Bob Odenkirk as all the three men and is quite a legend for his legendary portrayal of Saul. 

Now that the series is coming to an end, there are more than a few things that are still left unclear. The character seems to be in immediate danger and is sinking even deeper into trouble as the finale rolls closer. 

Things have been tense with Saul and Kim for some time now, especially considering the way after Kim and Saul separated paths last season. Though Saul found a way to win back her good graces and make her believe that he was not as untrustworthy as she thought, the tables have turned now. 

It is Kim Wexler, played by Rhea Seehorn, who seems to have a dark streak to her. Kim has always been a voice of reason throughout the series, reasoning Saul into not acting upon his reckless ideas. Yet, her latest idea could easily beat all the dark thoughts Saul has had and emerge as a winner. 

Kim has been known as a rash lawyer at times, but the season finale of the fifth season showed the turning of some cogs in her dark mind. She almost came off as a despicable person as she pitched an idea that could successfully help finish the Sandpiper suit business but would also make a hit on her former mentor, Howard's reputation. Howard is played by Patrick Fabian. 

It is obvious that everyone wants to know who Kim actually is and what her motivations are, said Odenkirk when talking with EW. Jimmy is now seeing her in a refreshed light and the picture she paints is certainly not a pleasant one. She isn't exactly who Jimmy thought her to be. 

Her latest revelations have pushed the two of them farther apart as they try to figure out who is who in their relationship. The quest could be a particularly hard trial for Jimmu as he never saw Kim as such.

The latest version of the character is a little off the track, easy to explode, or a little crazy as it seems. There is no saying what she would rush to do next. 

Kim has reached a point where she can not differentiate between the workings of her own mind. While she has been trying to sort out her thoughts, the day for her judgment has been driving by closer each day. 

It is obvious that Jimmy and Kim have always brought out things in the other that they could not even have guessed about, but Kim's latest change in her demeanor is not because of Jimmy. Seehorn shares that it could be her innate insanity that makes Kim that way. 

Better Call Saul is now almost parallel to the timeline of its sequel series Breaking Bad and at times also jumps ahead depicting the transactions of Gene, the Cinnabon manager. Yet, there is no sign of Kim Wexker in that story. 

So, Will Kim ghost Saul and have parted ways or is she to face a very terrible ending, probably meaning that she is no longer alive on the face of Earth. While it is an open theory, Odenkirk shared with EW that the show creators Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan are not known for needlessly killing off their characters. 

There are only a few explanations for Kim missing from the show. She could have ended things with him through a terrible breakup. Or, seeing her current predicament, there is enough chance that she attempted something so dangerous that Jimmy and Saul had to distance themselves from her. Of course, he will forever remember the ache she will leave behind. 

Looks like fans will have a field time figuring out what will happen to Kim since the season is drawing to a close and there is still no sign of the lawyer. 

There are chances that Kim would continue to exist as a separate aspect of his life in Breaking Bad and fans can take hope from that. Yet, Odenkirk is not sure if it is the correct way forward for the two. With all that they have gone through and also brought upon each other, there is no chance that they will decide to continue together. 

Though Kim has her demons, she is a lawyer of great excellence while Jimmy is barely making ends meet as a traffic lawyer. In the end, they have a private life to deal with and are just as susceptible to change as anyone else. It wouldn't make sense for them to continue together, given that Kim is capable of immense damage. 

Now, Saul has to focus on becoming Gene again and reappear as a whole person. While Saul was extremely great, he had to let go of his need for revenge one day and look at the world in a new light. While Saul struggles with balancing his personal ethics, Gene is supposed to do better. 

At this point, both Jimmy and Kim are tied in a head-to-head battle when it comes to who is more ethically inconsiderate of the two and who is crazier compared to the other. Watch the show that began to air its sixth and final season on April 18 to know more.