How did The Righteous Gemstones make BJ's pink romper?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Fri, 04 Feb 2022 18:51:31 GMT
Image Source: TV Insider,

Edi Patterson and Tim Baltz from The Righteous Gemstones, the HBO series, recently talked with Collider about their iconic performances in the show, their characters, and more. 

The interview started with Tim Baltz explaining how he fit into the metallic pink romper that he wore in the series. The custom-designed romper has come to be known as BJ's pink romper. Sharing how startled he was when he first heard that he would be wearing a romper, Tim Baltz said, "I definitely Googled romper, and I was like, “What? I’m really gonna be in this thing? My fiancé has rompers. I’m gonna be in one? Oh, okay. That’s cool.” 

The actor went through a few fitting trials to get the right shape, and looks like he is now pretty well-versed with how you make a good romper. Elucidating the process, he shared, "And then, I tried it on, and I probably had to have four fittings because it’s not easy to custom fit a romper. It’s many different steps. I was pretty comfortable in it by the time we actually filmed, which I think was important for BJ’s confidence in that scene."

It was not only the outfit but also BJ's shoes that made him feel himself in that romper. "But strutting around in that thing, especially with the shoes, was wow. You don’t get to see the shoes much, but there’s one wide shot in the dressing room scene," he revealed. "They pull back and, all of a sudden, halfway through that scene, it cuts to a wide, and you see BJ’s shoes."

So stay cautioned to glimpse at BJ's shoes when you start watching The righteous Gemstones!

But it's only BJ who got to live his best life this season in the series. In fact, the entire family is pretty hyped and on the verge of the extreme with the latest season. "I’m just stoked that they’re back with their crazy friends who are super rich and doing crazy things. I think everything’s turned up a little bit. I think every character’s personality has the volume turned up a little bit," said Patterson. 

"I think that the situations and the excitement of the show is turned up a little bit. I think everything is a tiny bit bigger. I just think that’s fun," continued Patterson. Once you’ve ridden a rollercoaster, it’s fun to get on a bigger rollercoaster, and I think that happens with this season."

To this, Baltz added, "You like seeing characters develop, and you like seeing them behave the same. The truth is, as time moves forward, they get into new circumstances, and you’re seeing a mix of both. "You’re seeing them more confident and more desperate, and still only relying on their own faculties in these new circumstances, which means they’re a mix of both their old selves and the person that they want to become," he said. "That just leads to a lot of good conflict."

"When people yearn for the spotlight, and the spotlight finally hits them, you can’t help but have a flash of insecurity and a flash of self-doubt," explaining what BJ feels now that he is a Gemstone. "When the lights get brighter, you second guess yourself a little bit, and that’s totally natural. They nailed that in writing this arc for BJ this season. He desperately wants to be accepted by the family, but he was not prepared for what that meant."

Moving on to Edi Patterson, the actress talked about her character's relationship with her father Eli, who is described as 'emotionally cold' otherwise. "I feel like Eli does love his kids, but as you know, his kids are tough. They’re constantly doing pretty messed-up things. So, I think he loves them but is genuinely, most of the time, really disappointed in them, and/or mad at them," she explained. 

Sharing if she thinks if the father has a favorite child, she said, "I don’t know if he loves one of them the most. He probably had a lot of hope for Kelvin. There were a couple of kids that already existed, who were already forming their personalities, and their personalities were getting weirder and weirder, and then there was this very cute baby that I’m sure there was a lot of hope in."

Additionally, there is a high chance that he has affection for Judy. "I do think he loves Judy. I think that Judy is constantly wanting to please him and wanting him to think she’s awesome. I think her mom probably saw her in a slightly different way than her dad does. She probably saw Judy’s potential and what she’s capable of," she said. "I think Judy’s probably in a struggle of, “No, I have to prove this to the one that’s alive.”

Continuing on, Patterson explained what it is like to perform about Jesus onstage to a studio-recorded song. "I’ve gotta say, they’re mostly, really, really fun. I love performing live, and I actually really like singing. The only thing that makes it strange if you have to do it so many times, and oftentimes, it’s something that you went in and recorded in a studio because, for the edit, it needs to match."

"So sometimes you’re lip-syncing to your own voice that you recorded, so it’s strange, almost like a performance in a dream. It doesn’t ever feel scary or gross," she elaborated. "It’s honestly really fun. Usually, if I’m performing a song in the show, I get to be dressed like an ice skater, and there’s usually lights and dancers."

BJ is christened in a hot pink romper; Credits: TV Insider

To this Baltz added, "And for us in the crowd, we just get to watch it and feel like you’re at a dress rehearsal for this gigantic rock concert, which is really rare. You also know that the song is gonna be stuck in your head for the rest of your life."