How does Avril Lavigne feel about her new album, 'Love Sux'?
by Ana Walia | Wed, 02 Mar 2022 15:13:57 GMT
Avril Lavigne makes a comeback with 'Love Sex' post her 2019 album. Image Source: Trendsmap 

Canadian pop-queen, Avril Lavigne is back with her new album, ‘Love Sux’, and has received a positive response from her fans and they have chosen her album as the favorite new music for the week according to Billboard.

Love Sux is Avril Lavigne’s seventh studio album and first album after her 2019’s ‘Head Above Water’. The seventh studio album of the pop-punk queen features artists including Travis Barker, Mark Hoppus, John Feldmann, Machine Gun Kelly, and BlackBear.

Avril Lavigne spoke to Billboard and shared about how much fun she had while making her new album, “I really made the record I wanted to make. And I found really fun people and cool musicians to make this with.” ‘Love Sux’ has 12 tracks and was released through Travis Barker’s DTA Records. The singer also told USA Today, “It was so much fun to get back into that sense of wanting to rock out. I didn’t really overthink anything. I got together with people who understood me in this genre and we complemented each other so well.”

According to the reviews by NME, where Avril Lavigne’s 2019 album ‘Head Above Water’ was a cathartic, emotional pop-facing purge where she went on to describe her battle with Lyme disease, her new album ‘Love Sux’ deals shitty relationships and the electricity of a first kiss. The new album has a lot of nostalgia vibe to it and her fans are here for it.

Talking about the name of the album, ‘Love Sux’ becomes pretty ironic after the Canadian singer-songwriter fell in love with the producer of the album, Mod Sun while making music for the album but she never thought of changing the name of the album due to the irony. Avril explained that she loves the title of the album because it’s like how a lot of people feel. She added, “Love is hard. Love is a lot of work. And sometimes it just doesn’t end well.”

The singer had to postpone the shows in Europe and Asia due to the pandemic is now all geared up to be back on stage and perform for her fans who have been eager to hear the singer for quite some time. Talking about getting back on-stage, Avril Lavigne said, “I’m really grateful to be doing my thing and making music and I’m blessed to have the fan base that I have. They’re so supportive. And it’s so crazy with social media that I can see what they say and hear them and feel them. They’re not going anywhere, for the rest of my life. It’s so incredible.”

Avril in her interview with Kyle Meredith shared that she had written about 30 songs along with producers John Feldmann and Mod Sun that she could have literally released the album in two parts. She shared that some of her favorite songs did not make it to the seventh album but she is hopeful that she will be able to put those out soon for the fans to hear.

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The fans are pleased and expressed their emotions that even though the singer has been in the game for more than two decades, she never hesitates to push herself on trying on the new things and goes back to her old self when it feels right for her. Avril Lavigne has a loyal fanbase and when her first track ‘Bite Me’ was released, her fans bombarded her comment section by declaring that the pop-punk queen is back with her music that her fans love.

The songs on ‘Love Sux’ are written with the same vibe but with more experience and understanding of the situations and feelings around them. She had explained in one of her interviews that she decided to start working on the album at that point in her life when she felt exhausted and completely jaded about love and wanted just to focus on herself. Avril added, “I’m in a really great place, I’m in a happy place in my life. The album, even though it’s called Love Sux is tapping into relationships, how crazy they are, and the ups and downs of love — all of the wild emotions and roller coaster rides that love can put us through. It’s done in almost a humorous way, the songwriting has a sense of humor to it. It’s light and funny, and even though the songs are talking about heavy stuff it’s done in a lighthearted way. It’s like a tongue-in-cheek way of venting.”

During an interview with UPROXX, Avril Lavigne was asked about the impact of her songs that still hits up among her fans, ‘Sk8er Boi’ to which she said that she is so grateful that people still remember that song and bring it up. Avril finds it very special that people still resonate with her song and especially the younger generation who happens to discover her music twenty years later from its actual release. She added, “The song is going to take a new life of its own as I turn it into a film, I’m in the process of doing that now. I have a writer and a director at the moment, and I’m producing it and assembling a team right now.”

Avril Lavigne lastly added, “Something I’ve learned about myself is music is very natural for me. I started writing poems when I was little, and songs when I was like 13, 14, and I’ve been onstage since I was 5. And this far into my life, I’m here because I want to be here, and I’m having fun. And it’s nice to be at that point, too. I’m just really thankful and grateful to be here.”