How does Bella Thorne respond to the criticism she's received?
by Ana Walia | Fri, 25 Mar 2022 21:31:13 GMT
Bella Thorne is speaking her heart out. Image Source: Cinema Blend

Bella Thorne is taking a stand for herself!

The actress recently spoke to The Daily Beast, where she candidly spoke about her controversial reputation, directing a porn movie, her fight for cannabis clemency, and more.

Bella Thorne is going to star in the upcoming movie "Measure of Revenge" and the Prime series "Paradise City" for Amazon Prime. She has her own cannabis brand known as Forbidden Flowers, she has released a couple of singles, she wrote a series of young adult novels, she has directed a porn film, and has mentioned that she is down to play Lady Deadpool in the upcoming superhero movie Deadpool 3.

Bella Thorne explained that after she heard about The Weldon Project and heard Weldon’s story, she thought that it was insane and because she has her cannabis brand and her best friend works in criminal justice reform, she wanted to get involved. Weldon Angelos was busted in 2003 for selling undercover informants $900 worth of weed and was sentenced to 55 years in jail. Weldon was later released after 13 years after a nationwide campaign was started to secure his release and former President Donald Trump pardoned him.

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The Weldon Project is a project dedicated to funding social change and providing financial aid for those who are serving prison time for cannabis-related offenses. According to Bella, the injustice is upsetting to her because she smokes cannabis and has her brand, but there are people out there who are still being punished and can’t find a way out of prison because of cannabis even though it’s legal in so many places. Bella added that the system is not built to make people better or help them go to rehab, but it’s just built to shit on the communities.

Bella also talked about how much she loves watching Zendaya grow into her co-star from Disney’s Shake It Up and said that she finds it crazy to see both of their journeys as kids to where they are now. She also praised Sam Levinson and added that he is really fun to work with as he knows exactly what he wants. Sam and Bella worked together on Assassination Nation, and the actress mentioned that he was so open and appreciative towards the ideas and thoughts she brought to the table and let Bella flow and get involved in her character’s process. She is also down to be a part of Euphoria.

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Talking about being called a controversial actress, Bella said that she finds it funny because she has never been arrested, or done any bad things, yet she is called "controversial". Bella added that being a woman plays a big part because if she posts a picture in her bikini, comments would come like "she’s a slut." Or if she is in a three-year relationship and breaks up and gets into another relationship, people would end up calling her a hoe. Compared to the guy who would not receive all such comments. 

The actress added that she has seen people comment about her popping acne on camera, show off her armpit hair, or have bad skin, and she finds it funny because all she wants to do is make it normal for people to talk about it. She wants the people to know that she has got the same problems as they do and she is on this journey too. Bella was also asked about her attempt to work with adult film stars and help erase the stigma they face.

Bella said that she has a lot of friends in the sex-work industry and it pains her to see them go through so much so that she is always trying to be a voice for them, and then it all circles back to how controversial Bella is. She drew comparisons and said that now there are celebrities who have hopped onto the sex-positivity train and are launching their sex-toy brands or vibrators, but when she was doing this, people questioned her.

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The actress who directed the porn movie, "Her and Him," said that she is very grateful that things are now changing and her goal has always been to destigmatize it. She added that women are so uncomfortable talking about sex in general because of the stigma that surrounds it that they are afraid to purchase a vibrator or touch their bodies. During the interview, she was asked about the female point of view while having sex in movies, to which Bella suggested that there should be podcasts of couples talking about what works for them and what doesn't, because in a way when things are shown on-screen, this is a way to tell guys that this is how you should fuck.

The actress also talked about her approach towards social media, which has changed over time, and it’s been positive. She said that she has been in the industry for a long time and she understands how it works. On one hand, social media can be used to reach out to a wider audience, but it also tends to put you down with all the comments, but Bella has decided not to look into the negative side of it too much and to focus on what she is doing and what suits her the best.