How does Denise Richards describe her relationship with daughter Sami?
by Ana Walia | Sat, 12 Feb 2022 18:35:31 GMT
Image Source: Fox News, Daily Soap Dish

Actress Denise Richards is opening up about her strained relationship with daughter Sami.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum, Denise Richards appeared on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live where she spoke about the strained relationship she has with her daughter Sami who decided to live with Denise’s ex-husband and father of Sami, actor Charlie Sheen. Denise said, "Honestly, I have a strained relationship with her. It's very difficult. I know we'll get back to where we were eventually but right now, it is strained."

Sami decided to on her TikTok in September 2021 to share with the world that she feels trapped while living with her mother. She said at that time, “1 year ago today: trapped in an abusive household, hated myself, would go days without eating or sleeping, insanely depressed, hated school, etc...Now: finally moved out of the hell house, had a spiritual awakening, own 2 cats, happy single, full of self love, and dropped out of high school :).” Charlie Sheen later confirmed that Sami has moved in with him and has decided not to go to school. The actor spoke via his publicist,  "Sam is amazing. I love her and all my children unconditionally. We're having a ball. GED here we come."

Denise mentioned that she would love for her to come back and live with her and quoted, "But I think it's very difficult raising teenagers now and especially in Los Angeles when there's access to everything. We didn't grow up with Postmates and Uber where you have everything that you want. There are certain rules and I enforce them. And at Charlie Sheen's, there's different rules at that house and that's okay."

Denise Richards added that Sami is not in school and she does not agree with a few things that Charlie Sheen does but, in the end, it’s all okay as they can agree to disagree. She clarified that she is not a ‘strict mother’, but she has a certain set of rules for her children and their better upbringing.

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Back in October, when Sami described her mother’s house as ‘hell house’ and the feeling of being trapped, a source close to the family shared, "Denise would love for the kids, when she has to film, to stay in her nice house but they go to 'Wonderland' where they can get anything they want.” Another source clarified and said, "Charlie is a terrific dad and his daughters adore him. They enjoy being with him. Charlie is a strict father but fair. The girls have rules at Charlie's house, which includes homework and curfew. The girls are polite and smart and funny and a joy to be with."

It was also reported that when Sami decided to move out of Denise Richards’ house into Charlie Sheen’s house, Denise was saddened as she loves her daughter very much but also added, Charlie didn’t support implementing Denise’s rules. He has a different way of parenting and Sami decided to live with her dad.” Denise further in her interview mentioned that she is quite relieved that her father Irv Richards is close to the girls despite having a strained relationship with Sami.

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In October 2021, Charlie Sheen was granted his request to stop paying the child support to his ex-wife after he filed the paperwork in December 2019. Charlie Sheen told to US Weekly, “I think what transpired today is extremely fair. It speaks to not just today, but it speaks historically to that same fairness.” A source close to Denise Richards claims that Charlie Sheen has not paid the actress child support in four years even though their younger daughter Lola still lives with her mom.

Interestingly, Brandi Glanville who appeared with Denise Richards on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills took to her Twitter to call out the actress stating that she has been lying. She wrote, “We had sex one time it was not a turn on for me I couldn’t get into it and it 1,000,000% happened and I will take a lie detector test. And I’m not the only housewife she tried to have sex with.”

Denise Richards has not commented on Brandi Glanville's comment.