How has Anna Delvey's life changed since she was placed under house arrest? Find out more right here.
by Ana Walia | Fri, 18 Nov 2022 19:14:42 GMT
Anna Delvey. Image Source: The Cut 

Anna Delvey speaks about life under house arrest.

Anna Delvey, a Russian-born German con artist, told Entertainment Tonight's Rachel Smith about her story, saying that she feels her story has been told so many times that she believes it's time for her to tell it from her perspective.

The Netflix documentary Inventing Anna piqued the interest of viewers in the life of Anna Delvey, also known as the Fake German Heiress. She was released from federal prison in October but is currently under strict house arrest in her New York City apartment, and she has stated that she has plans for the future.

Anna Delvey mentioned that her visa is presently pending, which is why she is being held in custody, and that she is still pending for an ultimate ruling on her paperwork. Anna was freed from prison in February 2011, and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) taken into custody her for breaking the terms of her visa. She was eventually granted a $10,000 bond and placed on house arrest.

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The German artist is asked to wear an ankle monitor, which limits her moves to her one-bedroom residence, except the only source of fresh air coming from the roof. She confirmed that it is 24 hours a day, seven days a week, her only ray of hope being weekly check-ins with her parole officers. She also stated that she is not authorized to use her social media profile, which she clearly stated does not have an expiry date. It is not a punitive action because it is only in effect until her immigration matter is decided or the order is lifted. She asserted that she is not, at this time, an immigration expert. It is, however, quite unusual.

Even though Anna is unable to leave her apartment, she entertains guests such as her many celebrity friends and her team, which includes her legal professionals, manager, pr team, and art collector who visits her. She's also trying to plan an exclusive dinner party series, information that has been made public.

She went on to say that since it earned so much recognition, it helped to move the needle around quite a bit. She asserted that she has been propositioned by several chefs, producers, and others and that they are working together to make it a reality. She says the events will be focused on social good, and she is in talks with numerous charitable organizations, primarily on criminal justice and immigration reform because this is her area of expertise, and she plans to invite some of the delegates from these organizations, which she hopes will help bring attention to this cause.

Anna Delvey is currently progressing by trying to sell the art she created while imprisoned, which serves as her main source of income. In May, she held a pop-up art show. The "Allegedly" gallery showcased etched illustrations that reportedly began at $10,000 each. Anna Delvey has noted that other prints are also available for $250. Since then, an accumulation of original versions with prices ranging from $17,000 to $25,000 has been available for purchase.

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Anna stated that she has managed to sell a large number of her prints and art, trying to explain that her sketches make fun of her and the occurrences she has gone through. She continued to explain that she just sees it as one of many techniques she has to kind of tell her point of view, kind of convey her story, and kind of share a little something about here with the world.

Many lawyers, as well as Chloe Fineman, who performed in the Saturday Night Live sketch "Inventing Chloe," have decided to buy her work. Chloe bought the Saturday Night Live piece, estimating that sales will be in the $300,000 range. Anna Delvey's passion for art began while she was learning at Parsons in Paris, but she didn't start sketching again until she was on trial. She stated that there are so many hours and she didn't know what to do with them, so she put it out there.

Anna relocated from Germany to New York City in 2013 to introduce the exclusive SoHo House-style art club. She attempted to claim to have a trust fund that had yet to be compensated out to climb the social ladder, and she swayed several large financial institutions to loan her $20 million for the project, which became known as the Anna Delvey Foundation (ADF). Anna Delvey's lavish lifestyle finally caught up with her. When her expenses, fees, and various IOUs to friends began to pile up, she kept the money flowing by using illegitimate credit and debit cards, false private information, fake financial records, and bogus checks. Because they weren't able to keep up, the officials eventually intervened.

Anna Delvey was detained in 2017 and found guilty of grand larceny on multiple counts in 2019. She was only 28 years old at the time and was imprisoned for four to twelve years in prison, with the possibility of release in 2021.

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Shonda Rhimes' scripted version of the events in 'Inventing Anna,' which managed to earn actress Julia Garner an Emmy nomination for her characterization of Anna Delvey, Anna claims, is not a documentary. She defined it as a fictionalized portrayal of real-life events for sheer entertainment, and she hopes to move far beyond the caricature presented in the sensationalized Netflix series.

The artist said during the interview that her motives were drastically mischaracterized, and she was never really destined to commit fraud or harm anyone now she has been represented as a selfish, self-serving, negative person, which ideally she will disprove.

And when it comes to everything she's been through, from her arrest to her trial to her time in prison and her current house arrest, Anna Delvey says, she has just learned so much and met so many people that she wouldn't have normally and all of it has been a massive learning experience and she has learned so much about the system and the human experience in general, as well as a lot about herself.