How is Amina Muaddi linked to Rihanna and ASAP Rocky?
by Ana Walia | Sat, 16 Apr 2022 19:00:05 GMT
Amina Muaddi speak up on the rumors. Image Source: ELLE 

On April 14th, a tweet that went viral and shook the world had accused A$AP Rocky of cheating on his pregnant girlfriend, Rihanna, with Fenty shoe designer Amina Muaddi, and the rumors of the two powerful and iconic people breaking up started to circle around the industry.

According to reports, a fashion influencer named Louis Pisano claimed that Rihanna had caught A$AP Rocky with Amina Muaddi and had decided to walk away from the rapper. The influencer added in his tweet that A$AP Rocky and Amina Muaddi were not a "new thing" as she had seen him years ago and the two had collaborated on his collection of shoes. It has to be known that the claims by fashion influencer Louis Pisano (@LOUIS_via_ROMA) were not verified by either of the musician’s teams, so it could have been just speculation, but the way the allegation went viral all over the internet was something Rihanna does not need right now.

As soon as the tweets went viral, fans were quick to comment on things like "humans make mistakes" and "cheating on Rihanna." Like, how? Some shared a meme related to the famous Oscars 2022 slap and wrote that A$AP Rocky should be slapped like Chris Rock was slapped by Will Smith. Some pointed out that if the rumors are true, that A$AP Rocky did bad to RiRi, because cheating on your girlfriend is bad, but cheating on her when she is pregnant with your child is an inhumane thing.

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Rihanna, in her recent cover story for Vogue, revealed that it took both her and A$AP Rocky some time to get out of their "friendzone" vibe to finally find something more than that. She had mentioned that during the pandemic, he became her family and she could do anything with him beside her. Rihanna, in her interview, mentioned that she loves that both of them are very transparent about each other’s feelings, goals, failures, future, and everything. She mentioned that there is no pretentious "my brand" or "your brand" bullshit between them and that they are simply living their best life.

Rihanna also mentioned that A$AP Rocky accompanied her to Barbados and her family loved him. A$AP Rocky also mentioned in his GQ interview last May that she is the ONE and called Rihanna "the love of his life".

According to a source who saw the couple on a date at Craig’s in West Hollywood, said that they looked fine and everything seemed normal between them. Amina Muaddi also took to her social media to clarify things for the audience and put these false rumors to rest.

Amina, in a statement, said that she has always believed that an unfolded lie spread on social media does not deserve any clarification or a response from the concerned person and added that especially for a lie that is so vile. She added that she assumed that the "fake gossip rumors," which are fabricated with malicious intent, would die off because she assumed people would not believe it, but to her surprise, people did start talking about it and it reminded the shoe designer that society is very quick to speak on topics without actually knowing what the truth behind them is.

The shoe designer concluded that she has to speak up about this because it involves the people she has a great amount of respect for, and while Rihanna is continuing to live her life the best way possible and dress up most stylishly throughout her pregnancy and she continues to go back to her business, she would like to wish everyone a beautiful Easter weekend.

It was reported by Amina Muaddi that Fenty reached out to her in 2018 because Rihanna loved what she did with the shoes and RiRi was wearing her designed shoes and rocking them flawlessly. Amina launched her first collection in collaboration with Fenty in 2020 but celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid etc., have all worn her collection. 

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have not yet commented on the matter. Well, we do hope all of this is just "fake gossip" because this is the last thing a pregnant woman needs right now.