How is Blue Beetle faring in DC Universe?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 10 May 2022 17:58:01 GMT
Warner Bros is coming with the latest Blue Bettle production; Credits: CinemaBlend

Warner Bros. has been doing some great work with their animated productions these years and now they are coming forward with one of your childhood favorites - DC Showcase: Blue Beetle!

The animated production will feature the same animation styles as seen back in the 60s when the superhero cartoon first aired and will star Ted Kord in the Blue Beetle avatar. He will pair up with The Question and together they will try to put an end to the evil intentions of Dr. Spectro. 

The Blue Beetle production will come forward with two other shorts in the DC Showcase collection, which will include the DC animated films Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth! and The Losers. It will also include a new storyline that will be titled Constantine - The House of Mystery. 

Screen Rant recently spoke with star Matt Lanter about the latest DC Showcase productions and the Blue Beetle will essentially cater to the same animation style as the original animated cartoons. He will also discuss his love for the superhero genre and why he tends to star in these films again and again. 

Explaining why he chose to star in Blue Beetle, Lanter shared that it was the tone of the film that truly enthralled him to enter the project, although he has already worked on DC superhero production many times. The tone of the film is an ode to the old cinema and carries nostalgia that is not seen in the productions today. 

Admitting that it is more of the geek culture that will like the original story, he explained that the throwback nature of the product will really appeal to many people. Lanter divulged that it made him happy to be a part of this project and enjoy it along with the other nostalgic elements that the short will feature. 

He revealed that he grew up watching superhero flicks like Batman and Adam West and how it all could be so cheesy as he watches it now as an adult and looks back on time. Hence, bringing back the production is a way to bring the good times that the children of that era did and then connect with an animated experience that children will love today too. 

Sharing how he prepared for the role of Ted Kord, the actor shared that he greatly relies on the script that he got and used that to set the voice and the tone of his portrayal. He felt that the narration for the character was really unique and as the script was written, it was easy to go along with the voice direction. 

The show also relied on the brilliance of Wes Gleason and he shared that he could talk with the producers all the time when he needed to be sure about the tone. 

Explaining all the inspirations behind his love for superhero flicks and animation, the actor shared that he really liked the old Spider-Man animations and really enjoyed the tone and style of those productions. He also added that he loved Adam West and his performances the most of all and that was what brought him to the world of voice acting. 

He added that he also liked watching the Scooby-Doo shows and that he still tunes into them at times when he feels like it. In fact, he also watches it on his phone at times and has an app where he can watch animated cartoons. 

He explained that he really likes the old-school narration that these cartoons have and also likes the way the creative teams worked behind these back then. So, when working on Blue Beetles they figured out how these were made and went forward with that theory and narration. 

The recording and production process of the animation did not allow Lanter to work in the same space as David Kaye, something that is pretty common for voice actors as they have to only appear for their segments. The pandemic also played its own part. 

They managed to move forward without any other actors present using voice direction and Wes helped him work as he would narrate the lines of The question to fill in the blank space which was to be filled by the actor. The studios understand how to make things work when all the recording artists are not present and the performances are carried out that way. In simple terms, things are this way most of the time. 

But if some lines do not work, they can still go into months before they come back to the scene and do it right. The actor did say that he wished he could have worked along with Dave and has many mutual friends. He admitted that he might not have met Dave himself. 

Matt Lanter worked on the DC showcase for Blue Beetle; Credits: Looper

You can buy the collection of DC Showcase: Blue Beetle through Constantine - The House of Mystery to watch on Blu-ray and other digital platforms.