How is Lily Sheen faring with her booming career?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Mon, 25 Apr 2022 17:28:30 GMT
Lily Sheen began by working in her family-owned acting work; Credits: Discussing Film

Lily Sheen is the face of the emerging new talent of the young talent in Hollywood, and while she has had some help from her famous parents, Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen, she is an incredibly hardworking young woman who has a lot of talent to share with the world. 

The actress just received her big break in Hollywood with the new film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent and has proved her skill at her art. The film stars Nicolas Cage as a fictional character is a person in real life. However, instead of being a shining star in the industry in the film, Nicolas Cage is struggling to find good work and enough pay to get rid of his loans. 

Yet, even more, pressing is his deteriorating relationship with his daughter Addy, played by Sheen. The actor is all ready to share his skill and lessons when it comes to his talents, but Addy does not show the same interest in the things he likes. 

Things seem to take a turn for the better when he gets a $1 million offer which he could use to pay off his debts. According to the deal, he has to visit the birthday party of a fan in Mallorca, who is played by Pedro Pascal. 

There at the party, Cage meets another character who loves the art of storytelling as much as he does. Meeting this person who is also family-oriented yet has individual dreams is like a balm to Cage's suffering soul. 

Recently, Lily Sheen talked with Collider on their special Collider Ladies Night Or-Party and talked about her initial steps into the entertainment industry and how she is faring until now. 

The actress revealed that she has always been fascinated with acting, even when she was a young child, but it was a small role in High School Musical which actually solidified her love for the performing arts. 

She was the drama club kid at her school and had a lot of fun with theater as she grew up learning. Going back in time, she shared the first time she received acting credits, sharing her time from her school's High School Musical performance. 

She admitted she wanted to be the lead Gabrielle and act like the pretty girl, but she was put up as Mrs. Darbus, the only adult in the whole show, and made her wear a grey wig with glasses and all to make up for the part. She revealed that she was extremely saddened by the part she got as all she wanted was to receive a cool role with a cooler outfit. 

She recalled that she had a gut-sinking feeling as she performed on the stage and while she was in character, she remembered getting really angry. Thankfully, her role at that point needed her to play an angry part itself, and hence, she channeled all that feeling into yelling at the character who deserved her anger. 

By the time she was so immersed in the role that her anger totally came as a genuine portrayal of her character that the audience was positively stunned. It opened her to the possibilities of acting and made her realize that she could do this for the rest of her life. 

The actress also got to try her hands at filmography sometimes earlier in 2009 when she worked behind the camera for Everybody's Fine. The actress took a long hiatus from that point on to her casting in Massive Talent and now she is once again back with her skill and individual talent when it comes to performing. 

In her talk with Collider, Sheen shared what she did during her long break and how it feels to play a part in a Nicolas Cage film.

Her answer to the question was very simple. Sheen was learning to be as human as anyone else during her long hiatus from the performing arts. Her parents were very serious about her getting an education and hence made sure she had a normal learning life as any other child so that she grew up normally. Sheen shared that she is very respectful of this decision of her parents. 

However, the actress once again came back to her acting roots when she started schooling in New York. She could once again audition and put her best out there. 

She admitted that while the celebrity status of her family helped her chances in the industry, she put in her own hard work. She had been trying for a few years before she finally received the script for The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. 

The actress added that she really enjoyed working with Nicolas Cage and that getting to work in this production with him stands as a testimony to how hard she worked to reach this place. 

“It’s very interesting because obviously I was working with my own family on Underworld, so it was that kind of feeling of support and it felt like a family a fair. And interestingly enough, it was the same feeling on this set for Unbearable Weight. It was amazing to walk into a set that was really embracing me, and embracing all of the actors and wanting everyone to do well, and that’s kind of a cornerstone of family. So I would say my experience on Underworld probably set me up to have this fantastic experience on Unbearable Weight.”