In From the Cold takes on a strong narrative of a female-driven thriller with Margarita Levieva performing her own stunts
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 15 Feb 2022 12:43:22 GMT
Image Source: IMDb, Digital Trends, Netflix

In From The Cold is another masterpiece when it comes to spy series to watch if you are keen on thrillers. The show stars Margarita Levieva as Jenny Franklin, a person with a dense past to whom the lead actress could connect, despite their differences. Though Levieva is not someone adept at going undercover, she knows what it is like to relocate from a country after she grew up there. The actress had trained in Russia as a rhythmic gymnast and shifted to the U.S. later on. 

The story of the series, In From the Cold, is about a single mom, Jenny, who travels to Spain with her daughter Becca, played by Lydia Fleming. The ladies are there for an ice skating competition only to be followed by Jenny's past to the country. It is revealed that Jenny lived a life in Russia as an assassin named The Whisper. The assassin had the ability to shift into other people. 

The actress who portrayed the character could not have been more shocked as she found out the secret of Jenny's dark life, but the supernatural ability of the character certainly had its own appeal. "What I loved about it was superpower is not easy or easily accessible, and it costs her deeply," shared Levieva when talking with EW. The process of shifting into other people is painful for the character. "She does not like it herself and wants to avoid ever doing it, so that part of it is enticing."

Apart from the supernatural, the series also has some amazingly choreographed action scenes, beautifully incorporated into the rest of the series. Of course, Levieva being a trained dancer from Russia and an athlete, grabbed the opportunity to perform her own stunts in the series. "It was absolutely thrilling to get to do a lot of that myself," she shared. "It gave me the opportunity to use all of my abilities and challenge myself in big ways."

However, despite the actress's many abilities, the role required her to prepare beforehand, even before she was required to go to Spain to officially train for her role. The determined actress enrolled in online classes during the pandemic on Zoom, where she was taught by a trainer and a stunt team.

In From the Cold is not the first series where Levieva will be performing stunts. However, the show was still a unique experience for her. "I felt like they were my core family. They were my protectors," she said. Her training with her stunt team helped her prepare better for the shoot and made sure things went well when she would finally hit the sets. 

Talking about her favorite action scene from the series, Levieva shared that it was when she battled an operative of a Hammam, and the fight continued into two adjacent rooms and finally into a pool. "I'm really grateful. I got to do so much of it," she said, talking of the scene. 

Another of her impressive stunts from the series was performed on an ice rink, and obviously, it was not easy for the actress to convince the producers to allow her to take on the risky task. The scene required the fighters to head onto an ice rink where Jenny was to fight off a Russian operative. Unfortunately, she is slammed into the side of the rink, unable to protect herself. 

Levieva picks up the fight right when the Russian operative is about to bring her skate on Jenny's head along with the entire fight sequence following it. The show creators were hesitant about the particular stunt. "They were like, 'you can't do that. What if she hits you,'" Levieva revealed. "I said, 'we're going to keep eye contact, practice it,' and we did it."

Following the action scenes, the series is also choke-full with a long list of twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Actor Charles Brice recently talked with The May Sue, sharing that it was quite difficult to keep all the interesting aspects of the show undercover. But things got easy after the trailer was out. “Cause like now the trail is out, you know? I mean it gives you such a good feel for what the show was about without really giving away too much. So I would say it initially it was very difficult.”

Actor Cillian O'Sullivan also found that it was easier to talk about the series now that many of the twists of the series were out in the open with the trailer's release. Many of the secrets of the show, especially about the lead's character were already revealed with the synopsis and the trailer. “I think that it was surprising actually when they came out the trailer and the synopsis and stuff like that how many twists in the early part of the show that they had already revealed,” he shared. 

“And I thought, well, what if my wife was a spy? You know, what if she had a secret past, what if all this stuff, but really sort of visiting this idea, you know, in our society that, I think we have this thing of like women who reach a certain age, and they have an expiration date, and I think that’s total bullshit,” said Adam Glass, the creator of the show. He dedicates the show to his wife, breaking the stereotypes against women.