In the name of art and creativity, how far will Madonna go?
by Ana Walia | Fri, 13 May 2022 19:56:51 GMT
Madonna has stepped into the world of NFTs. Image Source: Artnet News 

What does Madonna mean when she says that she is giving birth to art?

Madonna, who has experimented with NFTs, recently produced and released "Mother of Creation," a series of three animated videos depicting her giving birth to a tree, butterflies, and even a robot insect while entirely naked. On her NFTs, she worked with digital artist Mike Winkelmann (commonly known as Beeple) and the videos include a 3D model of Madonna's vagina appears in cartoon form at the top of the NFT collection to be sold for charity at the NFT marketplace SuperRare. 

With his $69 million sales in November, Mike Winkelmann was the sole person who brought NFTs to the public's attention. Madonna remarked in a statement after the release of her NFTs that she wanted to look into the concept of creation, not only in terms of how a kid enters the world through a woman's vaginal opening but also in terms of how an artist gives birth to creativity. All of the works were created using a 3D scan, and they explained that they wanted to take the occasion to help women and children who are in desperate need right now.

The iconic singer’s collaboration with nonfungible token artist Beeple to create sexually graphic NFTs has now been criticized by the fans and followers, describing it as a thing that no one needed to see, along with mentioning whatever it is, it sucks, a filthy attention grab. A Twitter user wrote that Madonna minting an NFT the moment the market collapses is peak Boomer.

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Madonna has spent considerable time defending her views as well as the full collaborative process that went into developing the NFT, which is visual and explicit. She said that while some may find it strange because robot insects do not emerge from her vagina, all three NFTs are giving birth, which is essentially what women have been doing since the dawn of time but on a more existential level.

Madonna stated that because she is the mother of creativity and art, and she would perish without them. She went on to say that she thinks viewers must realize that these films required a lot of thinking and discussion to create. The Queen of Pop concluded that her journey as a woman is similar to that of a tree, which began as a tiny seed and has always battled the Earth's resistance as well as gravity's continual weight.

Mother of Evolution's butterflies signifies hope in the face of the end of the planet, which follows Mother of Technology where centipedes represents technological growth and its potentially dangerous and utopian possibilities. Although Madonna's accompanying song compares her path through life as a woman to that of a tree, implying a more autobiographical significance, the tree's symbolism is ambiguous.

According to Beeple's website, the NFTs form in a chilly laboratory environment with no evidence of life. A branch grows from an opening to become a full, vibrant tree, flowers thrive when they are pushed against gravity. Even if the tree bends or even breaks, it will continue to grow and propagate. For this work, Madonna has composed new lines.

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Madonna's three video NFTs, Mother of Nature, Mother of Evolution, and Mother of Technology, will be auctioned off and all revenues from her NFT sales will go to three organizations. The singer shared that the organisations that will be benefited from the auction included City of Joy, a DRC group that helps women rebuild their lives after experiencing tragedy. The proceeds will also benefit the Voices of Children Foundation, which assists displaced Ukrainian families, and the Black Mama's Bail Out program, which helps mothers and caregivers get out of jail before Mother's Day.

When the two decided to cooperate on the project a year ago, Madonna expressed her delight at the opportunity to share her vision of the world as a mother and an artist with Mike's unique perspective. She went on to say that putting this together, from an academic concept to an emotive story, was a fantastic journey. The NFTsS images of Madonna were created over a year utilizing a full-body scan. It's the latest celebrity to leap into the blockchain since the introduction of NFTs last year.