Ireland Baldwin opens up on how coffee causes her anxiety attacks
by Ana Walia | Mon, 07 Mar 2022 18:04:08 GMT
Ireland Baldwin is getting candid about her health! Image Source: Yahoo 

Ireland Baldwin is getting candid about her health!

Model Ireland Baldwin took to her social media on Saturday to share a candid picture of her from her bathroom floor and explained to the audience that she had a cup of coffee on an empty stomach in the morning which led to having her an anxiety attack.

Ireland shared that she is sharing this candid update about her health while sitting on her bathroom floor and she usually sits on the floor or lay down in a fetal position until she stops crying or throwing up. She added that coffee does not suit her body at all and turns out it is a major esophageal irritator and reflux trigger for her which eventually leads to her anxiety attacks.

The model went on to call herself a silly goose for drinking coffee in the first place and urged her fans and followers to share their story if drinking coffee in the morning has ever caused something like an anxiety attack or anything to them. Back in January, Alec Baldwin’s daughter had shared that she suffers from a cardio phobia, which is a type of anxiety disorder that makes an individual live in constant fear of dying due to a heart attack. She has blood pressure and heart rate checking machine at home.

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Ireland shared at the time, the heart palpitation and chest pain that are brought up by a typical anxiety attack have convinced her that she is a 26-year-old woman with an underlying heart condition that she doesn’t have. The model mentioned that her anxiety has gotten really bad in the past because of which she had to call 911 and visit a hospital and let doctors assure her that her heart is okay.

Talking about real-life experiences with anxiety and phobias is one of the things that the audience has accepted and embraced about celebrities, as it makes normal people believe that these celebrities are going through the same shitty problems as us.

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After posting and opening up about her anxiety that was triggered by coffee, Ireland received love and support from her loved ones, along with fans and followers. Brittany Furlan shared in a comment that they don’t take caffeine anymore and advised her to ice her chest. Actress Sunny Mabrey also commented on Ireland’s post and shared that coffee had triggered her anxiety too, and now she had switched to decaf, which helps. Alec Baldwin commented "I love you" in her post.

Ireland Baldwin has been honest and shared in January that she does not believe in anxiety medications, but she supports and understands the people who believe in them or are on them to get better. She went ahead and told her followers that she wants them to know that they are not alone on this journey, and she understands that the journey can be embarrassing and isolating, but they are not alone. She added that she has overlooked so many blessings, moments, and opportunities in her life to start fresh and has lied, manipulated, and neglected so many people she cares about in her life due to her anxiety.

If you suffer from anxiety disorder and need help, please reach out to a professional nearby.