Is Eva Mendes returning to her acting career after an almost decade hiatus?
by Ana Walia | Wed, 11 May 2022 19:17:26 GMT
Eva Mendes might be returning to acting soon. Image Source: The Today Show 

Eva Mendes might be returning to acting soon.

During an interview on The View, Eva Mendes revealed that she took a break from performing to raise her two kids, Esmeralda and Amada, whom she shares with Ryan Gosling. She did, however, suggest that she might return to acting in the future months if something good comes her way. The actress also added that if she does return to acting, she is going to be very choosy about the projects she gets involved in. 

Whoopi Goldberg asked Eva Mendes about the same and the actress replied that right now her list of taking up projects or roles for movies is very short because she is more aware of what is takes up after being a mother. The actress added that before having kids she would have taken up any fun activity, but now after having kids, she is more conscious and does not want to be part of projects that includes violence and sexuality.

Co-host Sunny Hostin asked the actress if there was anything special her fans should wait for, to which she said that she hopes to She’d like to be back on-screen soon because she loves acting. Eva Mendes was last seen in 2014’s "Lost River" and she gave her voice to Yoga Instructor in 2021 for an episode of the Australian animated children’s series "Bluey".

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Vin Diesel also teased that Eva Mendes would return for the two-part Fast and Furious franchise finale, which begins with 'Fast X.' The actress previously told USA Today in 2019 that after becoming a mother, she felt a lack of desire in her job and would rather devote her efforts at home. She also took a break from social media, stating that she began posting less in order to spend more time with her family.

While appearing on The View, she explained that she took time off because she started to feel that people wanted her to put out content and she started seeing her day as is this a good social media post and she did not want to look at her life like that. The actress had previously mentioned that her daughter also realized that Eva was not spending time with her and she was taking it personally, so she made a promise to her daughter and herself that she would be mindful while spending time on her phone.

Eva's remarks were identical to those she made two years ago in an Instagram post that was later removed. She said at the time that there are numerous roles she won't undertake now that she is a mother and added that there are numerous topic matters that she does not want to be engaged with. Eva Mendes continued that thus, her choices with roles and character she'd play on-screen are now limited but she is good with it before adding that she has to set an example for her girls now. 

While Eva Mendes is looking for a comeback, Ryan Gosling will be seen alongside Chris Evans in Netflix’s highly anticipated spy thriller "The Gray Man" and is also confirmed to play Ken alongside Margot Robbie’s Barbie in the Mattel-produced "Barbie" with Greta Gerwig directing.