Is it too early for Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian to introduce families?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Mon, 20 Dec 2021 18:43:39 GMT
Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian spent the weekend at Staten Island; Credits: She Knows

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are close enough to introduce families! While the two have probably met each other's families over time as they run through the same circles, this marks the first time they get to introduce their parents after becoming a couple.

Kim has been hanging around with Pete in Staten Island, where they spent their past weekend. Their island stay included a dinner date, a movie, and Kim got to meet Amy, her boo, Pete Davidson's mother. 

While everyone was shell-shocked when they first learned about Kim and Pete coming together, and just wondered if it was a short fling between the two resulting from their SNL debut together and also because they both recently got single. But the couple proved everyone wrong as they are still continuing to go strong and now look like they are in the middle of reintroducing their parents to each other. 

Hence, as Kim arrived in New York City to spend time with Pete, she also met Amy Davidson, and the two connected for "several hours." A source also added, “It went really well,” when referring to their visitation. It also makes sense that Pete is getting pretty serious about Kim, and that is why he took the TV star to meet his mother. The comedian has always been open about how close he is with his mother and sister, Casey Davidson, aged 23. So, he was bound to bring Kim to his family sooner or later. 

He had grown up in his mom's house in Staten Island and shared in April 2021 that he got his own pad. In a TikTok video he shared in April 2021, he shared, “I just moved out of my mom’s house…I’m fully out.”

The couple had arrived on site and were photographed together as they went to watch Lady Gaga starrer House of Gucci together. The film also features Jared Leto, Adam Driver, and Al Pacino. The two displayed some cozy PDA as they walked together, hand in hand at times, and then drove off in a car together while they smiled from ear to ear. Pete had dressed in a throwback green Broccoli Fleece Zip Up by streetwear brand Sundae School for the occasion. 

Following their movie night, the two went on to have dinner together, where they huddled close for a romantic getaway meal at Angelina’s Ristorante. The couple tried the site's special Cacio E Pepe dish, and Kim loved it so much that she “couldn’t stop raving about it”. A source also shared with Hollywood Reporter that the star will most likely return for the same meal again. 

Astonishingly, Kim was also joined at the diner by Scott Disick, aged 38, who happens to be the former partner of her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, and shares three children with her. He attended the get-together with a brunette lady who is yet unidentified. Pete, who is mostly cracking jokes on the sets of Saturday Night Live, had a rare night off duty because there was a COVID outbreak on the sets, and the producers had to wrap it all off for everyone's safety. 

Hence, the couple had time to meet with Scott for the dinner and indulge in a luxe setting, complete with champagne. “Kim and Pete and Scott and a bunch of others all dined together, lots of the food was presented family style, and plates were just brought out, but there were laughs, food, and wine aplenty,” said a source when recalling the group activity. They also mentioned that everyone at the party was “extremely nice” and altogether had a “really fun time.”

The source also added, “Pete and Kim were holding hands and very touchy with each other. She was very flirty with him and really seemed to enjoy Pete’s energy, just looking at him lovingly, laughing with him, and she was just really enamored with him." 

As you might be wondering how they managed to keep things with Scott, the insider said, "They all were joking with Scott, and there was never a moment of uneasiness. It was exactly what you would want from a dinner. Everyone just enjoying good food and good times.”

Remarkably of note is the fact that Pete and Kim have ascended to a level in romance where getting to know the family of the other seems like an obvious choice for them. Just a few months into a relationship could be too soon for some people, but the two celebrities seem to be taking things at their own pace.

And now that Kim has already met Amy Davidson, the rest of the Kardashians are also ready to receive Pete over for the holidays. The Kardashians are said to be excited to have the comic home for Christmas or at any other time during the holidays. Also, Kris and Khloe had joined Pet Davidson, aged 28, and Kim Kardashian, aged 41, at their Saturday Night Live debut back in October 2021. 

Kim Kardashian meets Pete Davidson's mom, Amy Davidson; Credits: Hollywood Life

Kim has already extended an invitation to Pete to attend the family's famous Christmas party that the family momager, Kris Jenner, throws each year. An insider shared with E! News, "She's really excited about having him around and Kris is already obsessed with him. The whole family is a fan of Pete's and would love to spend a holiday with him."