Is Priyanka Chopra finally getting the respect she deserves after landing a part alongside Anthony Mackie?
by Ana Walia | Fri, 04 Feb 2022 20:20:51 GMT
Image Source: Wikipedia, Sada EI Balad

According to reports, Priyanka Chopra has signed another big-budget Hollywood movie and is going to star opposite Marvel’s Captain America fame Anthony Mackie in a movie titled, ‘Ending Things’. Priyanka Chopra recently starred as Sati in The Matrix Resurrections opposite Keanu Reeves.

Deadline reported that Ending Things will be helmed by Kevin Sullivan and the movie is about a hit-woman who struggles with her job and personal relationship. According to an official report, the synopsis of the movie read, “A hit-woman who wants out of the assassin business tells her 'business' partner that she’s ending their personal relationship as well. But she comes to realize she doesn’t want to end that part of their bond. In order to survive the breakup and their last job together, they must join forces for one last night out (sic).”

It has also been reported that Ending Things is similar to 1994’s James Cameron’s action-comedy ‘True Lies’. Davis Entertainment and Lit Entertainment are producing the movie along with Inspire Entertainment and Anthony Mackie’s Make It With Gravy Productions.

Anthony Mackie is also going to make his directorial debut with 'Spark'. Image Source: Morning Picker 

Talking about Anthony Mackie who is all set to make his directorial debut with ‘Spark’ which is going to center around Civil Rights Pioneer Claudette Colvin. Claudette Colvin was arrested at the age of 15 when she refused to give up her seat to a white woman on a crowded, segregated bus in 1995. Niceole R. Levy is penning down the screenplay and the actor and the filmmakers have obtained the rights of Claudette Colvin and are closely working with the family.

Anthony Mackie said in a statement to Deadline, “Not only was I moved, I was inspired. It’s great to be a superhero in movies but she’s a real live one living amongst us and I’m honored to tell her story.” Claudette Colvin also shared, “67 years ago, when history glued me to the seat of that bus in Montgomery, I could never have imagined that standing up for my rights could spark a movement that would change the course of history. It is really an honor to have my story retold, by Mr. Mackie, for future generations to learn about our past so they can move forward knowing that progress is possible, and things do get better. I hope my story will inspire youth to continue to fight for civil rights and human dignity.”

Talking about Priyanka Chopra, who did not have easy in the industry has previously mentioned in November that it is her life’s dream to see Indian cinema and artists take over the West. She shared in one of her interviews, “When I went to America, there wasn’t a precedence. I didn’t have a road map to follow because there was no one who had done it before. I had to figure it out, walk into rooms, introduce myself, say ‘I am an Indian actor, my name is Priyanka Chopra, these are the kind of films I want to do’. I demanded playing leading ladies, instead of having parts which were the stereotype of what a Bollywood actor would usually get. Those also came to me, but I was very clear about what I wanted to do.”

Priyanka Chopra wants to see Indian cinema and artists take over the West. Image Source: Indian Express 

The actress who has appeared in several films in Hollywood including Baywatch, Isn’t It Romantic, etc., shared, “I dug my feet in, persevered, and did what I needed to do. I am so glad, and hope through me… it’s my life’s dream that Indian cinema becomes global. We are one of the biggest movie industries in the world, and we have been reduced to a genre? If you look on streaming services, you will see ‘horror’ ‘comedy’ ‘drama’ ‘Bollywood’. Bollywood is not a genre, it’s an entire industry! It’s my life’s dream to see Indian cinema and artists take over the West.”

Bollywood actors including Radhika Apte and Ali Fazal have not only gotten work in Hollywood but have also been appreciated for their work. Sharing about how their work has changed the way Priyanka thinks a little, she said, “It’s better. Somewhere, people don’t see Bollywood with the lens that they saw with when I started working in America. I got a lot of ‘so you must be dancing well?’ and I used to be like ‘Ya, I can sing, dance and act, I am a triple threat!’ So you stop people in tracks and say ‘I am not just one thing’. It took a lot of work, I am so glad. I hope beyond what we are seeing, I want to see Indian actors in mainstream global entertainers. That’s what I have done with Quantico, Baywatch, and the movies The White Tiger and We Can Be Heroes. That’s where we need to see more Indian talent.”

Priyanka Chopra and Mindy Kaling. Image Source: Just Jared 

Priyanka also shared about the moment she and Mindy Kaling shared, “To me, it was a massive achievement when Mindy and I walked into Universal Studios, came out with a deal for an all-Indian star cast in a Hollywood movie, in a romantic comedy! That’s never happened in a mainstream rom-com! I remember, we came out, held our hands, we couldn’t believe it. It took us fighting the fight. I am hoping to be able to create so many more opportunities for Indian actors in my small way. I am obviously not saying I can change everything. But in my small way… that’s my quest.” Maybe with starring opposite to actors like Keanu Reeves, Richard Madden, and now Anthony Mackie, PC is getting the amount of appreciation and respect she deserves in Hollywood as well.

Besides being super busy with the little one, Priyanka Chopra will be seen in the Amazon thriller series ‘Citadel’ opposite Richard Madden, romantic-comedy, ‘Text For You’ and Bollywood’s ‘Jee Le Zaraa’.