Is the Kravis wedding real without a license?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Thu, 07 Apr 2022 18:27:31 GMT
Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian married in Las Vegas after their Grammys appearance; Credits: Vulture

The world drew a collective sharp breath when Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker shared that they had a Vegas wedding. 

However, there is a little glitch in their hasty marriage. Things are not quite legal for the new couple as Kourtney later revealed to Jimmy Kimmel on his show when talking about her Las Vegas wedding. However, the two had tried their best to make things legal at the time. 

As people have already started raining down their opinions about her wedding, Kourtney clearly detailed that her nuptials with the drummer are not a "fake wedding." The Poosh founder, aged 42, shared her wedding with the drummer in lengthy detail on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as was joined by her mother Kris Jenner, and sisters, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kardashian Jenner. 

In the April 6 interview, she explained that while she did wed Travis Barker in the Las Vegas chapel, they could not obtain a license to get their marriage legally sanctioned around that time. Needless to say, people are quite shocked. 

Jimmy Kimmel and Kourtney's sisters were seriously stunned to hear the news but Kourtney understood the enormity of the situation. Acknowledging their shocked reactions, she revealed that she and Traves had asked the chapel around five times to provide them with a license. 

They tried all they could do to make it happen but it was 2 in the night, and the office was to open at 8 in the morning. So they managed with whatever the couple could scrape by. 

Revealing how she learned about her sister's wedding, Kim shared that the eldest Kardashian daughter shared the news in their family group chat. She was asleep at that point but she woke up to the news that Kourtney had married right after the Grammys on an impulse in a Las Vegas chapel. It's safe to say that their group chat kept buzzing that day. 

Khloe, the Good American owner, aged 37, also shared how she learned the news of Kortney marrying. Apparently, she was FaceTiming momager Kris Jenner, aged 66, at the moment. The mother let it drop that she was aware of the ceremony and that Kourtney and Travis had married. 

The Poosh owner and the drummer initiated their marital bliss on Monday, April 4 in the wee hours of the morning and exchanged their vows with a priest as a witness. They had just made a public appearance together sometime before the wedding at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards. 

They shared the news of their wedding with their fans two days later and explained that the marriage stands true. However, the union is not yet legal because they were not able to acquire a marriage license at the time and have to walk down that aisle once again to make things official. 

The star also shared some really beautiful pictures from the night on her Instagram account. She pulled out her phone to share those happy moments with her friends and fans as she captioned that she found those pictures in her camera roll. 

The April 6 post included a series of pictures from the gorgeous evening. Her caption for the post was as dramatic and scenic as her Las Vegas wedding. 

She writes that in a land and time far away, a king and a queen walked into a chapel after a long and beautiful night filled with tequila and love. They met Elvis and the king and queen proceeded to marry without a license. Yet she pointed out that "practice makes perfect." So, the two could be expecting another legal ceremony to solidify their vows. 

The whole affair was labeled as "very romantic" by Mart Frierson, the owner of the One Love Wedding Chapel, where Travis and Kourtney exchanged their vows. He shared that the couple indulged in a lot of dancing and affection and seemed truly in love. They were very sure about wanting that wedding and directly got married as they entered the chapel that even the unavailability of a license couldn't stop them. 

Kourtney and Travis got engaged last year in October, a little less than one year into their relationship, as confirmed by Us Weekly. The engagement was a beautiful event at a beach with roses strewn everywhere and filmed to be broadcasted in the Kardashians' latest Hulu reality TV show. 

The show will start airing on April 19, Thursday. 

However, the couple did not document their hasty Las Vegas wedding but considering that there will be another ceremony to legalize their bond, that could make it to the TV screens. The future ceremony will see the close ones, family, and friends of the couple. 

While they engaged their impulse, they still want to be able to celebrate their nuptials with their family and friends. The two have already fulfilled their dream about a Vegas wedding, something that Kourtney had hinted at earlier in an Instagram post. 

Kravis still have to get their marriage sanctioned through a legal process; Credits: NBC Chicago

Travis Barker was previously married for four years to the mother of his children, Shanna Moakler. Together they share a son Landon, aged 18, and a daughter Alabama, aged 16. 

Kourtney Kardashian was previously together with Scott Disick and they have three children, sons Mason, 11, Reign,7, and daughter Penelope, 9.