Is there going to be a 2 Broke Girls reboot?
by Ana Walia | Wed, 25 May 2022 19:23:14 GMT
The cast of 2 Broke Girls. Image Source: Rotten Tomatoes 

Are we ready for a reboot of 2 Broke Girls?

Actress Beth Behrs, who played Caroline Channing on 2 Broke Girls, shared with Hollywood Life recently that she would love to know how Caroline Channing and Max are doing right now. The successful sitcom was abruptly canceled in 2017 after six seasons, and the actors never got to say their goodbyes in the way they wanted to.

Beth Behrs recently admitted that she and Kat Dennings, who played Max on the show, talk about how they never got to say goodbye after CBS abruptly decided to cancel their show after six successful and popular seasons. Beth added that nobody had expected that cancelation to happen, including the writers, so they never really got to the part where the audience and the actors could witness how the girls ended. She added that it was such a bummer to hear that the show was canceled.

The actress explained that in most of the shows she has watched or known about, the characters get to say goodbye or have a chance to go out on how they want to leave the audience, but unfortunately, 2 Broke Girls did not get that opportunity. Beth added that although she has not spoken to Kat Dennings about a possible reboot, it would be so cool to know where Caroline and Max are today, what happened to them, etc.

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Beth, in her conversation, added that she hopes that they are very rich and added that it would be her dream if that’s what the movie or whatever the reboot could be. It would be so much fun to see the girls being rich and adjust to the new lifestyle before adding that it’ll be very funny keeping their characters in mind. On asking how they would make so much money, Beth theorized that the girls could have franchised their dessert bar, which would have them all over New York City and living their best life.

Although the CBS sitcom ended in 2007, Beth Behrs has continued to work on sitcoms and currently stars in "The Neighborhood," stating that she just loves comedy and physical comedy. Beth added that there is something about the live audience element and physical comedy that she enjoys and loves to be a part of.

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Kat Dennings recently shared a heartfelt post for her fiancé Andrew W.K. on his birthday, sharing a selfie of the couple and a caption that read Happy birthday to the sweetest, most wonderful man in the world, who has NO relation to AI-generated Sirius Black. The actress who appeared in Marvel’s WandaVision appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show in February and shared how the two of them proposed to each other at the same time. She explained that they were kissing and the feelings were intense between the two, and at that moment she felt that he is her person and she can't live without him. Kat added that she felt that this is the man she is supposed to be with and then they looked at each other, and proposed at the same time.

The actress explained that there was no knee down moment and she does not even remember what happened after that. She continued that they were just like 'Should we get married?' And she added that she just burst into tears. The actress mentioned during the interview that It was like she never thought she had it in her because she's kind of a tough guy but she did cry when she got engaged. Kat Dennings added that she felt this sense of relief that she had done it, she made it through the wilderness and found this incredible person and she is extremely happy. 

Kat Dennings who was a part of Hulu's Dollface in which she played Jules won't be returning as the streaming services has decided to cancel the show after two seasons. Actresses including Brenda Song, Shay Mitchell, and Esther Povitsky were also a part of the show.