James Gunn addresses rumors about Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman exit
by Ana Walia | Tue, 20 Dec 2022 21:07:20 GMT
James Gunn addressed rumors about Gal Gadot’s exit. Image Source: Comic Book 

James Gunn addressed rumors about Gal Gadot’s exit.

James Gunn, DC Studios' newly appointed co-CEO, recently addressed the rumors swirling around Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman in the DC Universe's exit. He also released a statement in response to fans' concerns and harassment directed at him and co-head Peter regarding the direction of the DC Universe after the announcement that actor Henry Cavill would not be returning to his role as Superman.

One of the things Peter and James Gunn were conscious of when they took over as the heads of the DC Studios was that a specific minority of people online could be thunderous and impolite, to say the least. He went on to say that their choices for the DC Universe are based on what they believe is best for the story and the DC characters, who have existed for nearly 85 years.

The filmmaker's statement went on to say that the decisions could be proven to be great or not, but they are made with pure hearts and integrity, and every time with a story in mind. He went on to say that no one enjoys being harassed or called names, but to be genuine, they have been through a lot worse, and the demeaning public uproar will never, ever influence their actions. They knew they'd face tension when they took over the gig, and they knew they'd be forced to make difficult and not-so-obvious decisions more often than not, especially given the fragmented nature of what came before they took over.

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The filmmaker concludes by saying that this is insignificant in comparison to their work as artists and custodians in creating a diverse and wonderful future for DC. It was recently announced that actor Henry Cavill who announced his comeback in a heartwarming video will no longer be reprising his highly anticipated role as Superman and James Gunn clarified that they are moving forward in a direction where they would be exploring the life of Superman in his early days.

Following Henry Cavill's departure, rumors began to circulate that Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman 3 had been canceled by the CEOs. The filmmaker did, however, react in the comments section of his post, stating that he and Peter Safran have decided to remove Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot from the DC Universe, adding that this does not inspire optimism for the future of the DC Universe. James Gunn responded that he doesn't know how people are getting the perception that they removed Gal Gadot.

Gal Gadot recently shared on social media that she can't wait to share the next chapter of her Wonder Woman character with her fans, adding that she has been so thankful for the chance to play such a beloved and unbelievable figure, and most notably, she is appreciative of the fans. She defined the fans as the most incredible, pleasant, and affectionate fans in the world, and she still pinches herself to see if she is awake.

In reports about Wonder Woman's future, James Gunn earlier noted that a portion of them are true, some of them are partially true, some of them are not true, and they have not decided whether some of them are true or not. He went on to say that building the next ten years of history takes time, and they are just getting started, and that they intend to build on what has worked in DC thus far, and help rectify what has not.

James Gunn stated that they understand they will not be able to please everyone all of the time, but they can guarantee that everything they do will be in the service of the story and the DC characters that they know people love and have adored their entire lives. In terms of more answers about the DCU's future, James stated that they are giving these stories and characters the attention and consideration they deserve, and we ourselves still have a lot of questions to ask and answer.

According to reports, the newly appointed executives turned down the scripts from Patty Jenkins, who directed the previous two Wonder Woman films. Patty Jenkins then decided to break her silence on media stories that Wonder Woman 3 has indeed been canceled, trying to clarify that when there was a negative response to WW3 not occurring, the appealing tabloid trash fabricated narrative that she shot it or stepped back started to spread, which is false. In December 2020, Warner Bros. announced that yet another Wonder Woman sequel was in the works. Jenkins was set to direct Disney's Rogue Squadron before the film's production, making her the first woman to direct a Star Wars film.

She stated that she had never decided to walk away from a project and that she was ready to consider anything she asked of her. She stated that she left Rogue Squadron after a long and successful growth period after it became clear that it wouldn't happen very soon enough and she didn't really would like to delay WW3 any longer, but Lucasfilm requested her to try to return to RS after WW3, in which she was honored to do, so she agreed. Patty stated that they are currently negotiating a fresh deal, but she has no idea whether this will happen or not, and she is enthusiastic about its potential.

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In her lengthy statement, the director stated that DC is buried in changes and that she acknowledges these decisions are tough right now. She stated that she does not want what has been a wonderful adventure with Wonder Woman to end on a negative note and that she has been loved and recognized as the individual who was able to make the last two Wonder Woman films. She is a fantastic character. Every day, living by and around her principles makes you a better person. She wishes her and her legacy a beautiful future, with or without her.

Patty Jenkins concluded by saying that walking side by side with Lynda Carter, an amazing person, and beacon of goodness and light, has been a thrill, and she has managed to learn a great deal from her and will treasure her as a friend and mentor for the rest of her life. She thanked her crew, saying they are her family, and went on to praise Gal Gadot, calling her the greatest gift she has ever received, adding that she is a treasured friend, motivation, and sister. Patty expressed that she has no words to express how magical she is and stated a massive thank you for all Wonder Woman fans for their love and support.