James Gunn celebrates Guardians of the Galaxy’s 7th anniversary
by Eva Fernandez | Mon, 02 Aug 2021 18:52:19 GMT
image source - The Indian Express

Galaxy's 7th anniversary

Guardians of the Galaxy, released on August 1, 2014, by Marvel Cinematic Universe, was the 10th film. This movie introduced cinema-goers to one of Marvel Comics' most mysterious groups of characters. This team consisted of criminals and fugitives hailing from different parts of the universe. The couple had to stop Ronan (the Accuser) from obtaining a powerful object called an Orb. It was later revealed that it was the Power Stone, which is one of the Infinity Stones. It brought a retro aesthetic to the MCU and a retro musical sensibility. The film's greatest strength was its diverse cast of odd and even pathetic characters. Thanos was first seen in the movie during the running time of the film and not post-credits.

Guardians of the Galaxy received high praise. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 92% rating. The consensus was that Guardians of the Galaxy is as irreverent and entertaining as Marvel fans would expect. It's also funny, exciting, full of heart, and filled with visual splendor.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Dave Bautista recently shared how Guardians of the Galaxy impacted his life. IGN asked Bautista about his life and how Guardians of the Galaxy changed it. He said, "People need to understand my roots, what I went through in wrestling, and what I left behind to pursue acting." After I was cast as Drax in Guardians, my work hours were minimal for the next three years.

He continued, "My success just increased, and my life got better." It was then that everything started to seem surreal. It was not that many years ago that I used to borrow money to buy food and pay rent. To buy Christmas presents for my kids, I borrowed money. It didn't take long for all this stuff to happen. This was all that happened quickly, making it seem even more unbelievable. It changed my entire life. It made my life better."

James Gunn's DC film The Suicide Squad will be released in India on August 5. Bautista’s post was divisive online. Some people applauded Bautista for his stance, while others were more critical. Bautista received a Reddit slam for being "a genuinely great guy" in a popular Reddit post. He was also praised for being willing to stand up for Gunn. Others called it "a politically motivated attack" in which you can "lose a lot" for criticizing the president - Gunn's accusation of US leader "treason. “However, others disagreed. One Twitter user inquired why Gunn didn't delete the tweets if he disagreed with them. Another said that Gunn's comments were not funny or acceptable in any circumstance.