Jamie Lee Curtis calls herself 'OG Nepo Baby'. Read her response to the 'Nepo Babies' controversy
by Ana Walia | Sat, 24 Dec 2022 18:56:52 GMT
Jamie Lee Curtis weighs in on the 'Nepo Babies' controversy Image Source: CNN

Jamie Lee Curtis weighs her opinion on the ‘Nepo Babies’ debate.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis took to her social media on Friday to share her opinion on the response to Vulture’s recent cover story about ‘Nepo Babies’. She posted a picture of herself with her famous and successful parents father Tony Curtis and mother Janet Leigh and called herself the OG Nepo Baby.

Jamie stated in the caption that she has been a skilled actress since she was 19 years old, making her an OG Nepo Baby and that she has never comprehended, and will never understand, what characteristics got her employed that day. The actress went on to say that there has not been a single day during her professional career where she hasn't been reminded that she's the daughter of well-known and successful Hollywood stars. Jamie Lee added that from the minute she said her first two lines on 'Quincy' in which she starred as a contract player at Universal Studios to her remarkable 44 years in the industry she is still being reminded of it.

Jamie continued in her caption that the existing discussion about the nepo babies is just intended to try to lessen, disparage, and upset adding that for the record, she has managed to navigate 44 years with the benefits her connected and reflected fame decided to bring her, and she doesn't falsely claim there aren't any, which attempt to her she has no value on her terms. In her caption, the Freaky Friday actress stated that it's fascinating to see how people instantly make presumptions and snide comments that someone related to another individual who is renowned in their field for their art has no skillset at all.

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The actress wrote that she has come to the conclusion that is simply not the case and she has glammed up and has shown up for a variety of roles with hundreds of thousands of individuals day after day, all while attempting to convey authenticity, professional competence, love, society, and art to her work. Jamie asserted that she is not the only one, because numerous others are devoted to their craft and proud of their forefathers.

They are steadfast about their right to exist, the actress said. Jamie Lee Curtis noted her post by empowering everybody there to be kind to each other during these tough moments when there is so much fury in the world.

Jamie Lee Curtis isn't the only one weighing in on the Nepo Baby debate. Lottie Moss, Kate Moss' sister, did tweet in a series of now-deleted tweets that she was sick of people trying to blame nepotism for why they are not rich, famed, or successful. Although Lottie comprehends and recognizes that kids from famous families have an advantage because of their parents' links and that it is unfair to others, she added that life is not fair.

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Instead of being critical of other people's success, Lottie encouraged individuals to work to accomplish their objectives. In a separate tweet, Lottie noted the privilege of being connected to a famous model, but she added that sh**ting on others due to it does not make sense to her. She mentioned her career and what it was like trying to navigate the fashion industry with a famous family. She publicly acknowledged that she is conscious that she is the sister of a public figure, but that person, think it or not, has never truly backed her. She stated that her parents were fantastic, but they couldn't fully comprehend what she was going through and were unsure of the full extent of her having to suffer most of the time. She continued by stating that she had been pretty much on her own, so she had to browse this on her own and perform the best she could, of the kind that she believes she has done.

Lottie Moss did mention that maybe fashion modeling was not for her and it has its advantages and disadvantages but she does feel like it gave permission for her to meet some incredible people and took her to some incredible places she had never been good and said how she begins to feel and she sincerely hopes that this is not starting to come off as 'poor her'. The former model stated that individuals should remember that everybody has their emotional trauma and perspectives and that everyone should try to become kinder.

The cover story of Vulture Magazine, titled 'She has her Mother's Eyes and Agent',  features actors Dakota Johnson, Jack Quaid, Zoe Kravitz, Ben Platt, Maya Hawke, Lily-Rose Depp, and Lily Collins. The feature article delves into the mainstream press industry's invisible system of family ties, as well as how the entertainment industry's attempted practice of giving celebrity children an added benefit over those who don't belong to the industry operates.