Jason Momoa lay open his new “Stealth Suit” in Aquaman-2
by Surabhi Goel | Mon, 06 Sep 2021 11:57:31 GMT
Image Source: Screen Crush, Yahoo, MSN

Aqua Man, the superhero of DC uncovered his new costume on Instagram for his fans on Sunday. 

The King of Atlantis will be seen in his new attire for “Aquaman and the lost Kingdom”, a sequel to the tremendous hit of Aquaman.

Besides his previous costume in DC comics standard orange and green attire, he will be seen in a new ocean dark blue costume, with new gloves, new scaly transition on the bodysuit, and lustrous, which compliments his physique. The attire is designed by Wayne Enterprises. Waterman stated that for the second series he will be seen underwater in a new suit with a lot of action sequences.

The suit is designed keeping in mind the new combat which needs a more cunning and attentive strategy to beat his foes.


James Wan, the director also posted the look of the half-breed king of Atlantis on Instagram stating the stealth suit is “Atlantean tech based on cephalopod’s camouflaging ability”. He also expressed that he got the inspiration for the blue suit from the late ‘80s.

The first movie was launched in 2018 with a mesmerizing view of underwater scenes, action sequences, and the graduation of deep ocean watercolors. The followers of the DC comics are expecting more to explore the underwater scenes and action-packed drama in the film. Three years ago, Aquaman, the original scraped up $1 billion worldwide, the fans are hoping the sequel to be a big blockbuster of DC of the current time.

In an interview with Variety, Abdul Mateen II revealed his character as Black Manta. Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, and Temuera Morrison will be working with Momoa.

Other superheroes of Detective comic extended universe gave their vote of confidence for the new look of Aquaman by posting on their posts saying:

Shazam posted writing in “Stealth mode!!! 

Dwayne Johnson, the Rock posted “Hell yeah looking great uso!!! With the muscle power emojis, he also added that his character as Rock will be making his DCEU debut in “Black Adam”.

Black Manta wrote that this suit will make “You a run player” 

The movie is planned to be released in the theatres on Dec 16, 2022.