Jason Tartick has spoken out about his 'friendship' with Colton Underwood
by Ana Walia | Fri, 08 Apr 2022 21:39:22 GMT
Jason Tartick has expressed his opinion on Colton Underwood. Image Source: Screen Rant 

Jason Tartick has expressed his opinion on Colton Underwood and revealed that things are not too smooth between Jason Tartick and Kaitlyn Bristowe and Colton Underwood.

During an appearance on his podcast Trading Secrets, the investment banker who appeared on season 14 of The Bachelorette revealed that when Colton Underwood, he and one more person were being interviewed for The Bachelor, Colton told the producers that they should pick him if they wish to have 'good tv ratings'. The former Bachelorette contestant admitted that Colton was right, there is no way he could have outperformed Colton Underwood, who was the lead in Season 23 of The Bachelor.

Jason said that one of the reasons he thinks he is boring is because he is vanilla and the production team could not have managed to manipulate him or he would not have done anything crazy or out of the box, which Colton Underwood did and he pretty much nailed it. Jason Tartick and Colton Underwood both appeared in Season 14 of The Bachelorette as Becca Kufrin and were close friends until Colton Underwood unfollowed his former co-star on social media.

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The guest star on the podcast show, David Arduin, asked Jason Tartick if he was in touch with Colton Underwood and Jason replied that he was not in touch with him, but he recently got to know that Colton had unfollowed him and his fiancé, Kaitlyn Bristowe, so they returned the favor as well. The investment banker hinted that his action might be the result after his ex-Cassie Randolph appeared on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast show and talked about how horrible and shocking it was for her to know about Colton Underwood's coming out with the rest of the world via his interview on Good Morning America. Cassie said that she was shocked because he did not tell her in advance that he was coming out to the world. (A little heads up to an ex would have been nice) Jason called Colton Underwood’s actions on the show and post-show very calculative and appreciated him by saying that Colton knows what he wants and he goes for it.

Explaining this, Jason shared that Colton had asked him to do a couple of interviews with Netflix for a couple of shows he had in pipeline , and it was before former The Bachelor landed a Netflix show titled, "Coming Out Colton." Jason added that Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood were going to appear on a show, and then it was he who had a show by himself and friends, stating that Colton Underwood was working from every angle to get a Netflix show. The investment banker explained that he was all in for an interview, and he even asked Colton if he’d need Kaitlyn for the interview because they were ready to help a friend.

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Jason went on to describe that he did interviews for two or three things for Colton with Netflix, and then Colton flew down to Nashville in the summer to spend time with him and Kaitlyn. Jason added that Colton seemed a little distant at the time, but he was still him, and then all this (his falling out with Cassie and coming out) happened, and added that Colton tried to connect with Cassie a couple of times while he was with them in Nashville and would hold it up with Kaitlyn and him.

Colton and Cassie separated in 2020, and Cassie obtained a restraining order against Colton, stating that he had been harassing and stalking her, but later dropped it a month later. In his podcast episode, Jason mentioned that he recalls a comment made by Colton Underwood about what if Cassie and he would not work out (for the show) and added that he said that Netflix needed him and Cassie and it could not be his show, so he went ahead to pit a lot of equity in that.

Jason mentioned that he has not seen "Coming Out Colton", but he was glad to see his former friend and co-star live his life and is happy with his fiancé, Jordan C. Brown. But the banker puts his support behind Cassie Randolph because he added that it was horrible what she went through.