Jeffrey Dean Morgan speaks out in support of his wife Hilarie Burton
by Ana Walia | Fri, 01 Jul 2022 20:04:43 GMT
Jeffrey Dean Morgan speaks up after Hilarie Burton shares abortion story. Image Source: Insider 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan speaks up after Hilarie Burton shares abortion story.

Recently, Hilarie Burton talked about having an abortion and how Roe v. Wade allowed her to experience miscarriages without being scrutinized. She revealed on social media that she and her husband, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, had difficulty conceiving their now-born daughter George due to infertility.

Hilarie Burton wrote on her social media admitting that having multiple pregnancies end in the loss was upsetting, but added that every woman's body is unique and unpredictable. She also said that having an abortion after her fetus died had helped her uterus heal in a way that made it healthy enough to carry additional pregnancies in the future. The actress stated that it is irrelevant whether she refers to the operation that removed her uterine lining as a "dilation" or "curette," and that the word "abortion" appears on her hospital records.

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After the U.S. Supreme Court repealed Roe v. Wade, the One Tree Hill actress voiced her dismay and said that if abortion had been banned, police enforcement would have examined her body to make sure she hadn't caused her miscarriage. She claimed that those times were drawing nigh, particularly in light of the abortion ban. She admitted that she was only able to conceive her daughter as a result of her abortion and said screw you very much to the Supreme Court and the illiterate right-wing extremists who want her baby to have fewer rights than those she was born with. Hilarie also mentioned that many individuals had written to her to express their feelings, and they advised people to consider each loss in light of the Supreme Court's recent ruling that it is acceptable for states to treat those involved in the incident as murder suspects.

Hilarie Burton has been outspoken about the difficulties she has had with pregnancies and pregnancy loss. The couple also has 12-year-old Augustus. When their now 4-year-old daughter George was born in 2018, she revealed in a blog post that she and her husband, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, had tried for five years to conceive their second child. When they finally became pregnant, they were very careful not to mention it because they didn't want to jinx it.

Now, as a devoted husband who stands by his wife after she told the public her tale, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is portraying the part. On his social media, Jeffrey posted a photo of himself wearing a "Pro Roe 1973" t-shirt and stated that he had thoughts. Others may decide to quit and follow someone else if they don't like it. Before they applaud with some nonsense, Jeffrey advised people to go read Hilarie Burton's post and inform him that he has no stake in the situation. He also noted that he is in a "block and delete" type of mood.

Celebrities including Ireland Baldwin, Meadow Walker, Cheryl Burke, and others had spoken candidly about their struggles with abortion and their dissatisfaction with the verdict's pronouncement. While some of the fans have shown these celebrities love and support for their brave and daring decision to share their tales on social media and some of them have even shared their own stories but some of them have written derogatory comments on their accounts. But that has not stopped them from sharing how they feel about the decision.