Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Planning Birthday Trip Together
by Eva Fernandez | Mon, 26 Jul 2021 15:17:28 GMT
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (image source -

For those living under a rock, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are officially back together. This is a dream come true for the fans who shipped them because who can forget how much love and grand gestures they showered on each other? But the times they went all out was during their birthdays, like in 2003 when the couple got together for the first time.

Low-key birthday vibes

But after almost two decades, the couple, newly reunited, have decided to keep their birthday celebrations very low-key and simple. According to a source close to the "On the Floor" singer, the two have decided to spend time with each other and family for Jennifer Lopez's birthday, which falls on July 24th. The source tells that there will be no lavish gifts like Ben Affleck bought JLo a Rolls Royce Phantom and expensive diamond bracelets. The couple will wait it out till Ben Affleck's birthday that comes shortly after Jennifer's on August 15th.

Are birthday trips in the picture?

Another source close to the actress cum singer claims that the couple plans to travel together to exotic locations to relax and spend time together and with family during the period between their birthdays. On a side note, having birthdays close together can be so cute! And Jennifer Lopez, who is turning 52, is setting the bar high for couple goals for lovers all across the internet.

Low key with a hint of glam?

While relaxing and going for long beautiful trips to celebrate their big days is a high priority for the famous actor and the pop singer, they wouldn't mind adding a dash of glam to their plans. An insider says that the couple intends to dress up, go out for a glamour night, and eat good food. The couple doesn't want to go all out with their celebrations because they have 5 children from their other marriages to take into account and want them to get used to the new situation that is their relationship.

But the question is, are they truly going to have a "quiet birthday celebration," or is this some ruse to surprise Jennifer Lopez with a sudden surprise party. Who knows? We will have to wait and watch!