Jennifer Lopez reveals information about her 'romantic' proposal
by Ana Walia | Wed, 13 Apr 2022 20:00:19 GMT
Jennifer Lopez is giving out details of her proposal. Image Source: ET 

Jennifer Lopez is giving out details of her proposal.

In her newsletter, "On The JLo," which was titled, "How It Went Down," Jennifer Lopez detailed how actor Ben Affleck decided to propose to her and how she feels about the new step in their relationship.

Jennifer described how she was taking a bubble bath (her favorite place on earth) on a Saturday night when Ben Affleck decided to get down on one knee and propose to her. The singer-actress stated that she was taken off-guard by the proposal and just stared into his eyes, smiling and crying at the same time.

Jennifer Lopez added that she took some moments to realize that the proposal was happening all over again after twenty years, and she added that she was speechless, to which Ben Affleck asked her if her silence was a yes, and she said, "Of course it’s a yes." JLo added that she was crying when the actor asked her to marry him and that the simplicity of the proposal made their moment even more romantic.

The actress said in her newsletter that she was smiling and tears were streaming down her face as she felt incredibly happy and whole. Jennifer added that the proposal was not some fancy proposal but everything she could have imagined or asked for before, describing that it felt like just a quiet Saturday night where two people who love each other promised to be there for each other. People who got a second chance at true love.

Jennifer Lopez, who announced the engagement a few days ago via her newsletter, shared the significance of the green diamond in her engagement ring and explained that the color has always been lucky for her. She added that after he got down on his one knee and said some incredible things that she would never forget, he asked her to marry him and handed her the ring and said that it was a green diamond.

The actress-singer said that green is her favorite color and her lucky one too, and after getting a green engagement ring, it’s going to be her lucky color forever. She added that it means so much to her that Ben Affleck thought about picking up a color that meant so much to her and mentioned that these efforts showcase how much the other person sees you and loves you. Jennifer Lopez concluded by saying that she feels lucky that the couple got a second chance at love and they were able to make the best use of the time and finally know that they belong together.

Jennifer Lopez split from former baseball player Alex Rodriguez in April of last year, and then Ben and JLo were spotted together in May 2021and soon the rumors of the two getting back together started to spears. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez appeared on the red carpet at the 78th Venice Film Festival in September for Ben Affleck’s movie "The Last Duel", which pretty much confirmed their romance. 

It was also reported that Ben Affleck had informed his ex-wife Jennifer Garner and the kids about the proposal, and the actress and mother to his three kids is very happy for Ben and Jennifer, as she understands that JLo has been a very positive influence on Ben Affleck in certain ways.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez find themselves very lucky to find a second chance at love. Image Source: Billboard

According to sources, Jennifer Garner wants nothing but the best for Ben Affleck and she can see that Jennifer Lopez makes him happy, and that’s all she cares about. Both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been vocal about how grateful they feel for their second chance at love and have been putting a lot of effort into getting to know each other better all over again and not repeating the same mistakes.

Jennifer Lopez spoke to People before that no one was more surprised than the two of them when they decided to rekindle their romance but their rekindling is a beautiful outcome of the relationship they once shared and now they will share. She added that both Ben and she have immense respect for each other and believe in appreciating and celebrating each other. Jennifer Lopez also added that they both have been in the public eye for a long time and now have grown up, evolved, and are parents to beautiful kids so they understand what works and what does not.

The Marry Me actress added that they both now work from a place of love and respect for everyone's lives and that is very important for them. JLo added that Ben Affleck and she knows the truth about themselves and they want to hold it sacred. Both actors have expressed about how lucky they find themselves for having a second chance at love.