Joe Amabile and Kendal Long splits
by Navya | Tue, 17 Aug 2021 12:35:33 GMT
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Not everyone can give their best shot on reality dating shows. However, many couples find their best on “Bachelor in Paradise.” Still, not all of them may emerge successful with a happily-ever-after story. Joe Amabile and Kendall Long fit in this category pretty well. The cute couple who found their soul-mate in one another finally parted their ways.

The couple who went home hand-in-hand in season 5 returned to season 7 to try their luck again after calling it quits.

How has the couple met?

While Kendall was one of the contestants of season 22 of ‘The Bachelor,’ Joe was a part of ‘The Bachelorette’ season 14. Their paths crossed in season 5 of "Bachelor in Paradise." According to the Life and Style Mag, the two decided to tie the knot in 2019. But, the plans have not materialized due to various reasons.

Although the couple had not scheduled the timeline of events, they were hell-bent on their decision. Joe revealed that he wanted the proposal to be a surprise. Although the couple had no idea about the date, Joe added that they are taking steps in the right direction.

In 2019, the adorable couple moved to Los Angeles together. But, the sweet live-in relationship ended abruptly in just a year.

How did the couple break up?

It seems that relocation came as a realization to this perfect couple. Kendall and Joe realized how their interests are contradictory. As Kendall expressed her love towards Los Angeles, Joe is interested in Chicago.

In his podcast ‘Clickbait,’ Joe said "Kendall never wanted to live in Chicago." But he thought she would change her mind as time passes. But, it never happened, which eventually led them to take the bitter decision.

The big twist

But, the tale has not ended yet. As the couple is still processing the breakup, reports hint at Becca Kufrin joining the show. Joe competed directly with Kufrin in “The Bachelorette’s” season 14. The new prospects may bring a lot of drama to the show.

Who ended up with whom?

According to rumors, Joe and Serena Pitt may end up with one another. Rumors also hint that the duo is engaged. However, these are still rumors as nothing is confirmed yet. However, Kendall currently seems close with Ivan Hall. But, her actions hint at something else to the audience. It seems Long is having a troubled time on the show seeing Joe and Pitt closer. Although things worked out pretty well between Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs, the chemistry seems off lately. If the speculations are true, Becca and Thomas might walk out of the show single.