Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation trial: During cross-examination by Camille Vasquez, Amber Heard loses her cool
by Ana Walia | Wed, 18 May 2022 20:41:43 GMT
Amber Heard steps down from the stand and her testimony ends after four days. Image Source: Forbes 

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are currently in a defamation trial battle against one another at the Fairfax County Court in Virginia, which started after Johnny Depp decided to sue his ex-wife for $50 M for an op-ed she penned for The Washington Post in 2018 and Amber Heard decided to counter sue Johnny Depp for $100 M.

Amber Heard was back on the stand being cross-examined by Johnny Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, who mentioned that Johnny Depp is not the only partner of Amber Heard who she has assaulted, referring to the actress’ previous partner Tasya van Ree, and Amber Heard replied that she has never assaulted any of her partners, including Johnny Depp. Camille shared that in 2009, Amber Heard was charged with domestic violence against Tasya, who later stated that it was a misunderstanding and the charges were dropped.

On Tuesday, the cross-examination started with Camille asking Amber Heard about the relationship that she shared with Johnny Depp starting in 2011, to which Amber described that the first year was magic and later the problems followed. Camille showcased a large knife with inscription 'Hasta la muerte', or 'Until Death' on it which Amber Heard had given to Johnny Depp after he started abusing her in 2012. Camille asked Amber if it was the knife that she gave to a person who was hitting her, and Amber shot back, stating that she did not expect Johnny Depp to stab her with it.

During the cross-examination, Amber Heard was asked about the alleged sexual assault with a bottle in Australia, which Amber says that Johnny Depp did after he sliced off the top of his finger. Camille reminded Amber Heard about the sequence of the events, which according to Amber’s testimony began with Johnny Depp smashing the phone and cutting off a portion of his finger, leading to pinning her down at the countertop and allegedly inserting a Maker’s Mark bottle into her, and Amber Heard replied that she cannot recall the exact sequence of the events and has never claimed to do so.

As mentioned previously, Amber Heard has admitted that she did not seek any medical attention after the alleged sexual assault with a bottle, during which she bled and endured cuts in her thighs. Camille questions the actress about why there weren't any signs of any medical records and there were no pictures of that night compared to the others which definitely raised some eyebrows. Later, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s journals were showcased to the jury, wherein Amber Heard had written a note to Johnny that she wanted to rip the actor apart, which she claims that she wrote after the finger incident in Australia and after Johnny Depp took a swing at her sister, and had added that Johnny Depp is the last person she’d want to hurt and there is never a good enough reason to hurt him in another love note.

Johnny Depp’s kids were also brought up as Amber Heard accused the actor of using his children against her after audio was played in the courtroom in which Amber Heard is heard apologizing to Johnny Depp for yelling in front of the kids, which made his son Jack scared and later said that Johnny makes her look bad in front of them. There was a mention of the wedding schedule, which had drugs and mushrooms as a separate event post their rehearsal dinner, and Amber admitted to writing it but clarified that the schedule had changed and their planned drug and mushroom party never took place.

Camille Vasquez showcased to the jury some pictures of Amber Heard which were taken by English photographer and film director Greg Williams in 2015 during the same time, Amber had accused Johnny of punching her, and the lawyer zoomed in several times to present to the jury and judge that there were no visible marks on her face. She said that she was wearing makeup since it was a photoshoot. There was another audio played in the courtroom in which Amber Heard is heard telling Johnny Depp to suck my d—k multiple times during a fight, and then Johnny Depp calls Amber Heard a spoiled brat, and Amber Heard tells him that he is a joke and he replies that yes, he is a joke and adds that her jealousy is so tragic and added 'Aquamannnn'?

Camille also asked Amber Heard if she got the part in Aquaman because of Johnny Depp, and sounding pretty offended, she said that she got it herself by auditioning. Camille questioned Amber Heard that she was the one jealous in their relationship to which she replied that Johnny always had a problem with her working.  In the sequel, the actress is going to appear for less than 10 minutes, and Amber testified that the makers changed it at the last minute after Johnny Depp’s legal team started a smear campaign against her. The actress also mentioned that she had to fight to stay for the sequel movie as she was released from the contract and has no idea if she would appear in the movie or not. Camille also accused the actress of using some beauty tools to make her face look more red and puffy, and Amber said that she never touched a photo and that they were the result of lightning.

The lawyer read out some of the negative headlines in an attempt to invalidate Heard's $100 million defamation countersuit against her ex-husband and one of them read as Amber Heard admits to hitting Johnny Depp which came out in 2020 and Amber said that it was when Johnny Depp’s lawyer at the time Adam Waldman leaked an edited clip. Other headlines were also read and Amber said that those were just PR Plans. Camille also questioned Amber Heard about the recordings where she admits hitting Johnny multiple times and she explained that she was getting physical only to defend herself. 

After Camille’s cross-examining, Elaine Bredehoft, asked Amber Heard why can’t Johnny Depp look at her to which she said that Johnny Depp is guilty, and knows that he's lying and that is why he can't look at her. Amber Heard said that if Johnny is not guilty why isn't he looking at her? The actress further said that she survived the man who beat her, and now she is here, and she can look at him but he can't. The camera zoomed in on Johnny Depp who said to his lawyer Ben Chew that he does not want to. Amber Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft struggled through the redirect as Camille had near-constant objections which were mostly sustained by the judge. Amber Heard steps down from the stand and her testimony ends after four days.