JoJo Siwa wears a pink ruffled gown to People's Choice Awards: A look back into her style evolution
by Jaskiran Kaur | Thu, 09 Dec 2021 18:40:09 GMT
Image Source: Us Weekly,, NewsBreak

JoJo Siwa is synonymous with bow hair ties, sparkling neon outfits, and over-the-top cutesy overall style. But in the past few months, that star has evolved her style outlook and has started dressing in elegant flourishes. The YouTuber, aged 18, recently ditched her bow tie era for the favor of dresses as she appeared in a stunning gown during the red carpet appearance ahead of the People's Choice Awards. 

The December 7 event showed the Dancing With the Stars runner up in a pink dress that ran along somewhere around the mid-length and was designed by Jenny Packham. Styled with ruffled layers of tulle fabric and a beaded neckline, the outfit featured puffy pleated sleeves. Stepping into grown-up shoes rather than sneakers and chucks, the dancer chose to pair her red carpet outfit with a glitzy pair of Christian Louboutin pumps. 

Keeping accessories to a minimum for the night, JoJo wore a gold necklace with a few earrings stacked on to add a pop of color to her otherwise monochrome outfit. The dancer stayed mindful of her fans as she dressed for the night. Hence, she added her signature J Nation necklace to her outfit by wearing it around her wrist like you would wear a bracelet. 

Remarkably, the singer had just recently worn another gorgeous dress when she attended the American Music Awards. The stunning young lady amazed everyone in a beautiful black gown, making it one of her first red carpet appearances without her signature look that she carried through the years. 

Sharing her style epiphany as it occurred on the sets of DWTS, JoJo shared, "I've kind of had this transition while being on DWTS," while appearing on the red carpet on November 21. She added, "I've gone from dressing like how I normally dress to looking more adult, and I was like, 'I want to branch out of my comfort zone.'"

The dancer stunned in a pink midi-dress and let her hair down; Credits: Pop Sugar

Hence, a new era has started for JoJo Siwa, where she is seen dressed in elegant designer outfits and gowns rather than sparkly two-piece co-ord sets. The star had previously shared that her iconic hair bow style has retired for a while, and she has sent it “on a vacation.”

Talking with Kelly Clarkson on her The Kelly Clarkson Show in October 2021, JoJo said, “I love my bow and I always will, and it’s a piece of my life, but I’ve had a lot of fun exploring with my hair.” Sharing how she decided to have a makeover done and bid goodbye to her childish style ( at least for now ), JoJo said that it was becoming 18 that changed her mind. 

“Honestly, up until my 18th birthday, it was every single day. And it was right around my 18th birthday, I think four days after, that I talked to my mom,” JoJo told  Entertainment Tonight in August 2021. “We have always questioned how I was going to stop wearing a bow or questioned how that whole transition was going to work, and we never knew. But it just felt right.”

Before this, the singer was always seen in a very high ponytail, but she told Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram that she wanted to have “a little bit more mature” style as she gave “a little upgrade” to her hairstyle that she had otherwise carried for years. “It just felt like the right time and to do something different,” she said. 

Changing her iconic style does not mean that JoJo Siwa will no longer get to play with colors or experiment with her legendary looks that everyone associated with since her rise to stardom during her Dance Mom days. JoJo has always shown a keen interest, and even if her style was childish prior to her renovated era, she did turn a lot of heads with her uniqueness in the industry. 

Not only did she herself wear what made her feel comfortable and beautiful, but she also gave rise to a whole group of fans that learned to accept their unique style just because their icon did it, too. But apart from her love for bow ties, the celebrity also loves everything about clothes. 

When talking at TikTok Live with Paris Hilton in September 2020, she said, “I just love seeing all the new stuff. You know, all the new collections,” as she shared how much fashion week excited her. The J team star added, “It’s just so cool to see what all the trends are, what all the people come up with. It’s just amazing.”

JoJo recently dazzled a black ruffle gown during AMAs red carpet appearance; Credits: CNN

Notably, as JoJo Siwa said herself, Dancing With the Stars gave her the confidence to branch out her fashion choice and begin a new era of her legendary couture fits. Sharing how the dance show has helped her embrace her real self, she told Entertainment, “This show, for me, has put me in a really happy place and makes me feel like myself.” “I think that is something I am really, really appreciative of. It’s so real, and it is what it is.”