Kelsey Parker honors her late husband, Tom Parker, on their fourth wedding anniversary
by Ana Walia | Fri, 15 Jul 2022 19:55:46 GMT
Tom Parker’s Kelsey Parker wife remembers him. Image Source; Sky News 

Tom Parker’s wife remembers him.

Kelsey Parker, Tom Parker’s wife, is honoring her late husband on what would have been their fourth anniversary with a heartfelt post on social media where she shared the footage from their wedding reception showcasing the couple dancing and singing with friends and family.

Kelsey Parker wrote in her caption that she never thought that this was how she was going to celebrate her fourth wedding anniversary and added that most people want to have their wedding day again, but she is ready to settle for a hug.

Kelsey’s caption continued and said that she misses him immensely and it’s not getting easier for her any day, but as she promised she would, she is here staying positive, toasting him and their love, and staying grateful for the time they had. She added that their wedding day was truly the best day of her life and she is holding onto every memory of it. Kelsey added "love you to Tom Parker," said thank you for choosing her to be Mrs. Parker, and signed off the post by writing "Positive Parkers Forever."

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Tom Parker was diagnosed with stage four glioblastoma in 2020 and passed away in March 2022 at the age of 33. Kelsey Parker confirmed the news of the singer's passing away by sharing that their hearts are devastated, they say, and they cannot picture their lives without Tom's contagious grin and vivacious presence. Tom was the center of their universe. The mother of two emphasized in her message that she is appreciative of the outpouring of love and support that has come her way during this trying time and urged everyone to band together to make sure that Tom Parker's legacy shines for his lovely children.

Following Tom Parker's death, singer Ed Sheeran paid tribute to the late star on social media, writing, "So sad to hear of Tom's passing." Kelsey, his children, and his family are in our thoughts and prayers. What a sweetheart x " Siva Kaneswaran, a bandmate of Tom Parker, also posted on Instagram with the message that he hopes Tom Parker is having a fun up there along with the additional statement that he is very thankful to have gotten the chance to see his genuine courage. Siva thanked Tom Parker and stated, Let everyone watch him light up the globe adding that it has been a pleasure in his life to know him and work with him. Siva concluded that he would speak with him shortly and then see you later and added that he admires him.

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in October 2021, Tom Parker discussed his fight with a brain tumor, The Wanted's reunion for a charity event, and the band's first single in seven years. He needs to be around love, support, and a healthy and happy atmosphere since, according to Tom, these symptoms come very readily and swiftly pull you down, so being with the band again has been a wonderful diversion. Tom said that the lads intervened at the ideal moment and made every effort to save him.

To allow individuals and fans who wanted to pay their respects or simply be there for the fans and the family to attend, Kelsey Parker announced on her social media accounts that they will be conducting a private celebration of the life of Tom Parker in April 20. She stated that she and the others who loved Tom Parker would love for his fans to join them and that afterward, they may join them outside the church where the ceremonies were being shown on a screen. They hosted the private celebration of Tom Parker's life at Pett Woods.

On Tuesday, Kelsey stated that she is overcoming her grief over Tom's passing by lending a hand to others in an interview with the British television network ITV. In memory of her late spouse, she has donated £70,000 (nearly $83,000) to the Ahead of the Game charity for those facing a life-limiting disease. Kelsey said that those are the days that she must relish rather than let them develop into unhappy ones and added that she must take action to help others and change the world since it is what he would want, that is what she will do.