Kim Kardashian discusses the type of cosmetic procedure she underwent on her face
by Ana Walia | Thu, 07 Jul 2022 19:22:36 GMT
Kim Kardashian is revealing her secrets to Allure’s Danielle Pergament. Image Source: Reality Titbit 

Kim Kardashian is revealing her secrets to Allure’s Danielle Pergament.

In her recent cover photo shoot for Allure, the beauty mogul got candid about her life and stated that she has a different energy when she has blonde hair, almost like a different person. Kim explained that she feels sassier and more confident when she has blonde or platinum hair, but when she goes back to being a brunette, she is like a boss, like a different person. Oh, by the way, Kim Kardashian was wearing Balenciaga jeans, a black funnel-neck sweatshirt, and stiletto boots during her interview.

Talking about her recent launch, SKKN by Kim, Kim Kardashian said that she wanted to create a line based on exactly what she does with her skin and added that she does not use all of it every day, but if someone has it, it’s like an entire routine in itself. SKNN by KIM is a nine-step skincare regime that has been appreciated by the audience and some celebrities for being the best in the game. When she launched the brand, the reality star gave credit to her ex-husband, Kanye West, for the creative process of building the brand. She explained that it was Ye who brought in a team and they all worked out to create SKNN by KIM. She would always give him credit for being there for her whenever she needed some help, and it was he and his team that came up with the name.

Kim Kardashian also passed the California first-year law student’s exam, which is also called the "baby bar," and said that she plans on getting her law degree and said that her father would have been proud to see her grow and become a lawyer. She recalled how her father, Robert Kardashian, one of the best lawyers in the nation, used to advise her that she did not want to have so much on her plate because being a lawyer takes a lot of work. But now that she has a lot on her plate, she tells the interviewer that once she started to understand and learn about the justice system, it was difficult for her to sit back and let people be imprisoned.

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During the interview, one of the most talked-about things was discussed, which was beauty procedures, and that is when Kim Kardashian revealed that she has got a little bit of Botox on her face but added that she has chilled. Kim Kardashian revealed that she has never gotten eyelash extensions, lip or cheek fillers, or anything else than Botox. She admitted that she is aware that some people might find this hard to believe because they have the misconception that since the Kardashians have changed over time, everyone has undergone cosmetic surgery to look beautiful. However, she insisted that she has never had anything done to her face and that she genuinely cares about looking good and works hard to achieve this goal.

Kim Kardashian added that she cares about looking good maybe 90% more than the average person and explained that once a woman becomes a mother, it is not easy to take care of herself because you end up being exhausted, but she has found a way like she does her beauty treatment late at night when everyone’s in bed. The SKIMS founder said that she is at peace with not being perfect and she was never like that before. She pointed out that she hates her hands because they are wrinkly and gross, but at the same time, she says that she has lived her life with the same hands, hugged her kids, and changed so many diapers, so she is okay with them.

Kim Kardashian also said during the interview that sometimes you reach a point where you realize and remember that your health is more important. That is why she has been focusing on eating healthy, working out, and trying to live a healthy life. But the SKIMS founder once again mentioned that she would still do anything to look and feel youthful. Kim Kardashian stated in a prior interview with the New York Times that she would consume bodily waste to look younger. While she claimed to have been kidding at the time in her interview with Allure, she said that if someone had informed her that eating crap might make her feel younger, she would probably have eaten it.

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Kim Kardashian was questioned by the reporter if she felt responsible or guilty for establishing an unrealistic, unachievable beauty standard. In response, she responded that if she could accomplish it, anyone could. The question comes as an important one for Kim Kardashian because she is not the 'ideal body type' according to society's standard 'body type', but the way she has managed to change the scenario for women who are curvy and, in general, not the ideal body type is appreciable but some have mentioned that she along with her entire family has set an unrealistic beauty standard for the women out there. Some of them have pointed out that not everyone is as privileged as the Kar-Jenners. 

Kim Kardashian said that while she was growing up, the look was just a blonde waif, but then she saw Salma Hayek, who she said that she is so beautiful with darker hair and darker skin tone compared to other actresses and more curves, which is why she related to her. Kim although while growing up could only relate to Salma Hayek said that she soon developed that mentality that told her that no one should ever pick someone they watch on TV or magazines or movies and work to become like them but it's always about how one should always strive to be the best version of themselves and try to find beauty in everything.