Kim Petras makes history at 65th annual Grammy Awards
by Ana Walia | Mon, 06 Feb 2023 17:35:49 GMT
Kim Petras has a lot to celebrate. Image Source: People 

Kim Petras has a lot to celebrate.

With winning the award for Best Pop Duo or Group Performance for "Unholy," in which she features with Sam Smith, Kim Petras made history at the 65th annual Grammy Awards as she became the first transgender woman to win the award under the category.

During his acceptance speech, Sam Smith graciously allowed Kim Petras to accept the award and profess her emotions, saying that they wanted her to accept the award since she was the first transgender woman to do so. Kim Petras went on to say that she just wanted to acknowledge all of the unbelievable transgender legends who happened to come before her and tried to push these doors open so she could be here tonight. Kim in specific, missed her friend Sophie who died two years ago and told her that it would happen and always believed in her.

Kim Petras also thanked Madonna for fighting for LGBTQ rights, saying she does not think she would be here without her. Kim stated that her mom grew up next to a highway in Germany and that her mother suspected she was a girl, and that she couldn't be here without her and her support. Backstage, Kim Petras demonstrated her awe at the moment, saying that after years of being told she'd be a niche artist because she's transgender and her music would only play in gay clubs—which is fine because she loves gay clubs—she now has a Grammy for making gay club music with her friend. It was the greatest feeling in the world, she said.

Madonna began the singers' performance on stage by asking the audience, "Are they ready for a little controversy?" She went on to say that after four decades in music, she has learned that if people call them surprising, provocative, worrisome, troublesome, intriguing, or risky, they are certainly onto something. Madonna continued by stating that she is there to applaud all of the rebels who are attempting to create a new path and bearing the consequences. All of the troublemakers out there should know that their courage is not going unnoticed and that they have been seen, got to hear, and, most importantly, appreciated. So, while we're on the subject of controversy, she'd like to introduce two extremely talented artists who have risen just above the noise, doubt, and criticism to create something gorgeously unholy. Here are two Grammy nominees: Kim Petras and Sam Smith.

Kim Petras told ET after the show that labels are important to her and that she appreciates the Recording Academy honoring her for her efforts, adding that she was a singer who just had transgender in front of their name for many years. Kim explained that this is the first thing people know about her, and it feels amazing as a musician and someone who has put in years and years of writing a song and being in the industry. Kim can not stop thanking Sam Smith, saying how grateful she is to Sam for putting her on that beautiful song, which she adores. People commented, 'She makes gay club music,' she said. And now, she makes gay club music but got a GRAMMY. So, it's crazy.

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Kim Petras and Sam Smith stole the show before even the show when they hit the red carpet in synchronized red looks similar to their hit collaboration's music video. The duo was accompanied by a red-clad crew and the singers lead the way. Sam Smith wore a billowing red cape and top hat with a short lace veil as if she were a ringmaster. The singer, who was born in the United Kingdom, walked with a walking stick and wore red satin gloves. Kim Petras played Smith's lady in red, dressed in a short red ruffled dress, red heels, and a perfectly matched lace veil. She completed the look with red pumps, a statement necklace, and bright red lips.