Kit Harington Says Starring In Games of Thrones Really Helped Him In Preparing For The Eternals
by Meenakshi | Sat, 30 Oct 2021 17:01:30 GMT
An Image of Games of Thrones actor Kit Harington. Source: Mid Day

With Games of Thrones actor Kit Harington all set to be launched in Marvel Studios The Eternals in the role of Dane Whitman, the actor while recently discussing about his superhero character in an interview with Variety shared how one of the most popular television series HBO Max’s Games of Thrones helped him in preparing for Chloe Zhao’s The Eternals.

“Nothing really, majorly surprises me after going through those eight seasons of Thrones. It was as big as anything gets by the end, as far as scale goes. But moving into Marvel, it is a different beast, in more subtle ways than you’d imagine. What I like about the differences for me about these two things is I get to have lightness of touch in this, which I think is really important. It’s what I really loved about the Marvel movies — those little moments of kind of lightness, comedy, in amongst everything. And I saw a few opportunities for that with this character. Having played a majorly central part of a different show who was not comedic or light in any way whatsoever, not being the center of attention in this show and playing something that’s a little lighter was kind of fun,” Harington revealed to Variety.

In terms of cast members, the film really doesn't disappoint the fans as it has some big names like Salma Hayek in the role of Ajak, Angelina Jolie in the role of Thena, Brian Tyree Henry in the role of Phastos, Richard Madden in the role of Ikaris, Gemma Chan in the role of Sersi, Lauren Ridloff in the role of Makkari, Lia McHugh in the role of Sprite, Kumail Nanjiani in the role of Kingo, Barry Keoghan in the role of Druig, Don Lee in the role of Gilgamesh, Kit Harrington in the role of Dane Whitman with additional actors including Harish Patel, Haaz Steiman as Phastos' husband, Ozer Ercan as a smuggler and Zain Al Rafeea in an unknown role.

An Image featuring The Eternals actor Kit Harington and Gemma Chan. Source: Games Radar

Although Kit Harington will be seen in the upcoming superhero epic, he confirmed in a separate interview that his character will not be limited to just one film in the Hollywood’s biggest and most popular franchise Marvel Cinematic Universe. "I've got no idea whether my character goes on or not. I had read up on who he could be or might be. So there's the possibility for a longer trajectory. And hopefully, I think this is the tip of the iceberg for my character. I hope. But I just don't know, you know? I'm as in the dark as anyone else. And I try not to live too far ahead in the future with anything. Even when I was in Game of Thrones, even on the sixth season, I presumed the seventh season wasn't going to happen!," he said.

Marvel Studios The Eternals is directed by Chloe Zhao, after a long delay due to the impact of Coronavirus Pandemic, the film is currently set to debut in theatres on 5th November 2021.