Kumail Nanjiani Reveals A Funny Experience From The Set Of Eternals
by Meenakshi | Mon, 08 Nov 2021 16:06:20 GMT
A Poster showcasing The Eternals leading star Kumail Nanjiani. Source: Screen Rant

The 43-year-old Kumail Nanjiani, who finally made his debut in Hollywood’s most popular and successful franchise Marvel Cinematic Universe as Kingo after the release of Oscar-winning filmmaker Chloe Zhao’s directed Marvel Studios The Eternals in theatres on 5th November, the actor during his appearance on Late Night With Seth Myers shared a funny moment while working on the blockbuster superhero epic.

Nanjiani revealed that for weeks he was unaware of the fact that he was wearing his pants backward during the shooting of the blockbuster. He also admits during the same appearance that it was Brian Tyree Henry, who helped him in realizing the hilarious instance.

Nanjiani said, “You put the costume on, you feel pretty great. But you know, it's a bunch of pieces so you can't really go to the bathroom once you put it on. So in the morning, I would put it on, and if I was wearing it all day I'd not have water, not have coffee, be careful, right? And then a couple weeks I'd been shooting in the costume and my buddy Brian Tyree Henry—who's in the movie, who's absolutely amazing in the movie—he was drinking coffee in his suit and I was like, 'How do you... how do you deal with the bathroom piece?' And he said, 'There's a zipper,' and that's when I found out I'd been putting on the pants backwards."

Although Nanjiani’s Kingo will be seen in the movie interacting more with his team members of the superhero squad Eternals, he previously revealed that his live-action version of Kingo has a secret history with other characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. "Yes,"  Nanjiani replied when asked if they had developed that part of Kingo's history. "Chloe [Zhao] had it all mapped out, and she had a very specific sense of... Because the thing is, Eternals have sort of been in hiding, right? So they haven't been going around talking to Iron-Man and Captain America and all those people.” Nanjiani shared in a separate interview.

He added, explaining that Eternals must have interacted with “another character who's not from Earth either.”

“They've been pretending to be normal human beings. But it makes sense that my character would have met another character who's not from Earth either. I'm trying to be vague. I don't know what I'm allowed to say or not, I think that was all part of the stuff, so that even though Eternals really is a standalone movie, you want to feel the presence, and the reality of, the rest of the MCU around it. And Chloe is such a nerd with an encyclopedic knowledge of Marvel and the MCU. So she was really excited about dropping these references in," the 43-year-old Pakistani-American added.

Marvel Studios The Eternals featured Salma Hayek in the role of Ajak, Angelina Jolie in the role of Thena along with Brian Tyree Henry in the role Phastos, Richard Madden in the role Ikaris, Gemma Chan in the role of Sersi, Lauren Ridloff in the role of Makkari, Lia McHugh in the role of Sprite, Kumail Nanjiani in the role of Kingo, Barry Keoghan in the role of Druig, Don Lee in the role of Gilgamesh, Kit Harrington in the role of Dane Whitman with additional actors such as Harish Patel, Haaz Steiman as Phastos' husband, Ozer Ercan as a smuggler and Zain Al Rafeea in an unknown role.