Lala Kent warns Raquel Leviss. Find Out Why.
by Ana Walia | Sat, 25 Feb 2023 20:53:26 GMT
Lala Kent warns Raquel Leviss. Image Source: People 

 Lala Kent warns Raquel Leviss

In an upcoming episode of Bravo's Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent can be heard telling Raquel Leviss to avoid Tom Schwartz, who while back finalized his divorce from co-star and friend Katie Maloney.

Katie Maloney tells Lala Kent and Raquel Leviss over dinner about a troubling discussion she had with ex-husband Tom Schwartz hours earlier in a sneak peek from Wednesday's Vanderpump Rules.

Katie Maloney explains to Lala and Raquel that Tom Schwartz had done a segment for Scheana Shay's podcast in which she challenged Tom to start a conversation about the divorce in a better, healthier, positive way. In her confessional, Katie shared that she hasn't heard of Scheana's podcast with Tom Schwartz yet, but it's a total betrayal explaining that Scheana was a bridesmaid at her wedding — her bridesmaid adding that she was there for Scheana when she went through her divorce. Katie further added what would Scheana thought if Katie had tried to hook up her ex-husband Mike Shay with one of her girlfriends adding that she would have been furious.

But this revelation bothered Katie, especially since she remembered Tom telling her how Scheana had been "nudging" and "pushing" her ex-husband into dating again. Scheana had specifically advised Tom to meet Raquel Leviss. When Katie asks Raquel if Scheana is putting pressure on her, the former pageant contestant admits "a little bit." This immediately enrages Lala who says shut up and fuck off asking her if she was serious about it to which Raquel assures her that she was and Lala inquires about the tone Scheana when she tries to nudge Raquel about hooking up with Tom.

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Despite Scheana's suggestion that the two "make out," Raquel stated that she would "never" do so. However, as Raquel continues, things take a sharp turn by saying that then when she thinks about it some more, she realizes that Tom Schwartz is someone she likes. Raquel tries to backtrack, claiming she wouldn't ever date him seriously, and Katie and Lala are taken aback. Lala Kent gets furious and says to Raquel that she is going to step in the matter for her friend and warned Raquel, not to date or hook up with Tom Schwartz if she doesn't want to make things ugly or bodies all over the place. Lala continues that she understands mess, she does it but she would never do something like that.

Raquel Leviss told Us Weekly exclusively in an exclusive interview recently that Lala Kent has just treated her a certain way over all of these years, and it's hard for her to let go of that plus, throughout this season, the audience will kind of see some more things of the way that she treated her adding that she does not have the energy for that anymore. Raquel Leviss says that if someone is not going to treat her right or the way she deserves then they are no longer going to be in her life.

Raquel Leviss and Tom Schwartz eventually got together at Scheana Shay and Brock Davies' wedding in August 2022. Raquel Leviss said that the atmosphere at the wedding was romantic and everything was beautiful adding that now Tom Schwartz and she have this friendship but noted that there's some chemistry and flirtation — and the atmosphere was so romantic that everything just kind of led to that. The reality TV star added that it's just because Tom Schwartz is so nice and considerate and he always puts himself in the shoes of others which is something she admires about him.

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The episode was shot before Scheana's wedding to Brock Davies in August 2022. Tom gushed about Raquel during an interview on his costar's "Scheananigans" podcast one day before the wedding. He said at the time that he was so caught up in his little world — and he was married — that he never took the time to get to know Raquel adding that she was always serene but he just never made the time to invest in her. That's a terrible way of putting it but said that he never gave her a fair chance. She has a lot of depth and personality and Tom admitted that he believes he wrote her off.

Scheana claimed earlier this month that Katie gave her "blessing" to a Tom and Raquel romance, but Katie denied that version of events. Katie's since-deleted Instagram post that included screenshots of her texts with the "Good as Gold" singer in which she said that she told Scheana that she wasn't down for this shit so why keep this diabolical nonsense going adding that she was pretty clear that she didn't mean or cosign s—t, so why do this?