Lily Allen defends "Nepo Babies"
by Ana Walia | Tue, 20 Dec 2022 21:06:14 GMT
Lily Allen defends "Nepo Babies." Image Source: NME 

Lily Allen defends "Nepo Babies."

In a series of tweets, musician and actress Lily Allen defended the "Nepo Babies" after New York Magazine's cover story featured "Year of the Nepo Baby." The cover titled "How a Nepo Baby Is Born" features Zo Kravitz, Lily-Rose Depp, Ben Platt, Dakota Johnson, Jack Quaid, Maya Hawke, and Lily Collins.

Lily Allen stated on Twitter that if individuals are talking about serious repercussions and mugging people of possibilities, then the nepo babies that individuals should be concerned about are those working for legal firms, financial institutions, and political systems. In response to her tweet, Lily stated that before anyone starts accusing her of being a nepotist, she wants to make it abundantly clear that she deserves nothing, noting that she believes that income disparity is the real problem when it comes to lack of opportunity.

The Grammy nominee indicated on Twitter that she is a nepotism baby whose mom and dad are both extremely successful actors. She is the daughter of actor Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen, and she continued by claiming that the entertainment business is not friendly to parents, asserting that children of actors crave consistency, love, and cultivating.

Lily went on to say that the children aren't concerned with money or influence yet, and that many nepo babies are deprived of these necessities as children since their parents are likely self-absorbed. She went on to say that it can be difficult to recognize one's right when they are still dealing with childhood trauma, and many of these children haven't figured it out.

Many users were upset with Lily Allen's defense of the Nepo babies, and one user alleged her of recycling the "I don't have white privilege, my life is hard" debate. Another person mentioned that the same things happen to poor children and that it's more often than not even worse for them since they don't have money or financial stability. When somebody pointed out that nepotism is a grave injustice to poorer artistic societies, Lily Allen agreed that a more equitable society will indeed create more possibility, adding that people wouldn't be forced to choose financial stability if the industries she noted didn't rig the system against them, which was sort of her point.

On Tuesday, she acknowledged that many individuals on her feed appeared to be riled up against her opinions, but she went on to clarify that she started to feel it was essential for her to be open about just how her privileged background opened many doors for her, something that she shied away from in her younger days due to her fraught relationship with some of her close relatives and the desire to experience like she earned her success.

Lily stated in a tweet that she believes nepo babies are being used as fall guys in this situation; there is a broader, societal discussion to be had concerning income disparity and a lack of initiatives and financial support, and that was the point she was attempting to create. She convinced the audience that she is not cheering for an industry populated by individuals who had childhood experiences similar to hers, but she believes that people can't find a genuine solution unless they first identify the real problem. As humorous as it is to mock the children of celebrities, Nepo babies have thoughts and emotions.

Lottie Moss, Kate Moss's younger sister, took to social media to express her displeasure with people blaming nepotism for their lack of wealth, fame, or success. She went on to say that it's unfair that people from famous families have an advantage, but guess what? Life is not fair, he said, adding that if one puts their mind to it, they can achieve anything, and he urged everyone to stop being critical of other people's success and go try to create their own.

She later admits that nepotism helped her get ahead, but she adds that if someone does not have that advantage, is it okay to abuse those who do? She also stated that she is grateful for the opportunities she has received and that she is privileged for a variety of other reasons, but shaming others, as a result, does not make sense.

The actors featured on the cover story have not yet commented on the situation.