Lily-Rose Depp weighs in on the "nepo-kid" debate
by Ana Walia | Thu, 17 Nov 2022 20:39:42 GMT
Lily-Rose Depp addresses the "nepo-kid" debate. Image Source: HawtCelebs

Lily-Rose Depp addresses the "nepo-kid" debate.

During a recent cover story for Elle magazine's December/January 2023 issue, Lily-Rose Depp spoke about how she feels about being called a "nepotism kid" since both of her parents are actors. She is the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.

Lily said that she is aware of the opinions and added that the online world appears to be very particularly worried about such matters. People will have preconceptions about an individual or how they got to where they currently are, and she may say that nothing other than being right for the part will get the the part.

When it comes to celebrities and their children, the actress continued, the online world cares a lot so much about who their parents are then the individuals who cast them in things. She added that the kids may be able to get their foot in the door, but it is still just a foot in the door. There will be a lot of work to do after that. Lily stated during the interview that she finds it fascinating and that she rarely gets to hear anybody refer to a dude as a nepotism baby.

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She went on to say that it's strange to her to reduce someone to the idea that they're only there because of a generational difference.  It just doesn't make sense to the young actress, who adds that if someone's mother or father is a doctor and their child becomes a doctor, no one on the internet is going to say, well, they only became a doctor because the kid's parents are doctors. No way because the kids went to medical school and trained. She's quick to add that she's not comparing her work to that of someone in the medical field, claiming that she just hears a lot more about women, and she doesn't think that it’s a coincidence.

According to Lily-Rose Depp, what people expect from famous people has become almost unsustainable. People want someone larger than life, someone they can strive to be like or look up to, but also somebody who is relatable enough to make them feel at ease. She believes that people don't want to be too far from the individuals they respect and admire, but they do want to be far enough away to look up to them. Lily Rose, who will appear on Sam Levinson' The Idol opposite The Weeknd, revealed during the interview that her audition process was fairly standard for pandemic times. She had to self-tape, a Zoom call, and a chemistry read with the male protagonist.

She was stunned by the outcome, saying she had no idea it would go her way, contributing that she knows that everybody and her parent does these things. She calls her casting the best surprise she's ever had and says she'll never forget receiving the call as she still has "pinch me" instances and can't quite believe they would want her to do it.

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She considers herself fortunate to be working with Sam Levinson and Abel Tesfaye, two people who make her feel extremely safe and protected. The young actress believes it is difficult to do this type of work, which can be so vulnerable in so many ways if there isn't a lot of trust between them and their collaborators. She regards Abel Tesfaye, whose acting credits include a cameo in Uncut Gems and a few voice roles, as a really good friend who has always had her back, adding that they've been on this wild ride together. In many ways, it was a first for both of them.

Lily-Rose Depp regards Sam Levinson as a visionary. She described his ability to come up with ideas on the fly and just try things as "the most beautiful, magical, creative playground she has ever been on." Lily adds that working with him is a beautiful process because he draws from the person in front of him and what he has already observed in an individual, and he manages to find a way to twist and turn that into the character's personality. He has a real knack for that. Sam Levinson attributes Lily-Rose Depp's casting for The Idol to his wife Ashley Levinson, who also serves as the show's executive producer.

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Sam Levinson added that when Ashley Levinson saw Lily-Rose's audition she said she was Jocelyn, and it was true—she was sensational. Sam went on to explain that HBO always has a lengthy audition process, which they were aware of. She's also one of the best collaborators a person could ask for. She can act and sing, and her chemistry with Abel is off the charts.

Lily-Rose Depp is about to play a character on the small screen who is very different from her real-life personality in the coming months because the character is provoking, highly sexualized nature of the show and the added due diligence that comes with it doesn't intimidate her. Lily stated that she is not interested in producing anything puritanical and that she is not seeking to create anything that does not stimulate her or others. Lily stated that she believes the show 'The Idol' is fearless, which she is eager and proud to dive into and can't wait for the audience to see.