Lucifer Season 6: Trailer Out Now
by Susweta Bose | Tue, 17 Aug 2021 14:10:56 GMT

Netflix has finally released the trailer of the sixth and ultimate season of Lucifer before the show’s September release. The trailer highlights Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe Decker, a former LAPD detective who is questioned as the sole witness of the murder.

On the other hand, detective Corbett (Scott Porter) feels ridiculous about Lucifer’s situation as he was bribing a police officer on the night of the murder. He was the consultant of the LAPD, and he used to be the devil, but now he is the new god in the show.

Secondly, we see DB Woodside in & as Amenadiel, who encouraged Lucifer to assume his post on their ancestral throne on a beautifully designed shining seat inside the ethereal hall. Decker, who is playing as devil’s advocate, advises him that he shouldn’t rush into the god’s job as he is still not an expert in quite typical fashion, “Doesn’t want to go half-cocked.”

There is no doubt that Netflix has witnessed a lot of success because of Lucifer since it had picked the show from Fox television in 2018. According to the recent reports from Netflix’s platform guidance, Lucifer has witnessed its best run. In short, Netflix wants to ensure that the comedy-drama series ends on a high note.

As mentioned above, Lucifer will get connected to his brother Michael and his father, who is portrayed as almighty God (Dennis Haysbert). One of the biggest questions running in the mind of all the fans is, “Will Lucifer accepts the proposal of becoming the god himself by ascending the throne?”

pc: SyFy Wire

There is no doubt that season 6 will be a final nail on the coffin for Lucifer, and the show will continue from where we left in season 5. We will also see some special forcer exerting pressure on Lucifer to ensure he doesn’t become the god. The final season of the show will answer all the questions of the fans and will ensure that you don’t move a muscle while watching the show.