Lynda Carter Confirmed To Appear In Wonder Woman 3
by Meenakshi | Mon, 08 Nov 2021 08:06:44 GMT
An Image depicting two different versions of Wonder Woman played by Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot. Source: Screen Rant

While the 36-year-old Israeli actress Gal Gadot, all set to feature in the role of Wonder Woman aka Diana in the upcoming sequel of Wonder Woman 1984, the actress while recently appearing at an interview with The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Lynda Carter, who previously starred in the Wonder Woman television series in the role of Diana Prince also known as Wonder Woman, premiered in the 1980s on ABC and CBS, will be returning in the third installment of film series Wonder Woman 3 as Asteria. Carter previously also appeared in Wonder Woman 1984 as a cameo.

"First of all, Lynda has mentored me from the very first moment that I got cast as Wonder Woman," Gadot explained to THR. "She was always there, talking to me, giving me tips and everything. She's a true champion of what Patty and I have been doing, and it was so great that we managed to find the right opportunity to bring her to the last movie and now to the third one." She added, "It's even better this time. I love her very much. I love her dearly."

Gadot’s comments come off as the director of Wonder Woman 3 Petty Jenkins at the recently held 2021 DC FanDome expressed her excitement for the blockbuster sequel. "We're super excited about Wonder Woman 3. "Gal, who is so bummed not to be here, who is the busiest person in the world with now three little kids and shooting, she's so bummed not to be able to be here. But we are all three very excited about some exciting things coming up with Wonder Woman 3." Carter added of the blockbuster upcoming superhero epic, "Who would have thought in my life at this time in my life that this gift would just present itself to me, and that's so cool." 

"It's so much more than a comic book character it is an idea and an essence," the 70-year-old actress Carter further added, while discussing Gadot’s version of Wonder Woman during the conversation. “As a matter of fact, I wrote a song for you and for Gal, based on an original lyric I had started for my husband but when I did your movie I finished writing this song that comes out in October actually called 'Human and Divine,' and it's about the love of Wonder Woman."

The Wonder Woman series starring Carter became super popular and came to the limelight among the mainstream media and audiences. The superstar featured in the show in the titular role of Diana with other superstars such as Beatrice Colen in the role of Etta Candy, Richard Eastham in the role of General Philip Blankenship, Lyle Waggoner in the role of Steve Trevor, and Steve Trevor Jr. Debra Winger in the role of Drusillaalso known as Wonder Girl.

An Image featuring Gal Gadot. Source: Entertainment Weekly

Petty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 3 was announced after its precedessaor released in 2020 became a massive commercial success for the Warner Bros. Studios. The superhero film will be a part and parcel of the ever-expanding and popular Detective Comics Extended Universe (DCEU).