Matt Damon's surprising revelation regarding his private Instagram account.
by Mahima Jhawar | Mon, 13 Sep 2021 07:52:09 GMT
Image Source: Metro

Renowned Hollywood actor Matt Damon recently discloses a never known fact about his presence on a social media platform, Instagram. 

According to a recent report, the American actor made the news of his private Instagram account public. He conveyed that he have made a private account to keep in touch with his close friends and family. The account has not seen much hustle and bustle, regarding the fact that there are only 40 posts in total since 2013.

The actor who has millions of followers worldwide is surprisingly having only 76 real-time followers on Instagram. Adding to the facts, he shared details of his most recent and last post which was a picture of his holding the hands of his 15 years old daughter, Isabella.

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He nurtures his belief that having a big social media presence is simply not his thing and is pretty delighted for having this decision was made since he never saw the point of a huge presence online !’

Matt Damon is already in glories with his work in the Hollywood Industry. His presence in films like Hereafter, The Monuments Men, Suburbicon, Contagion, True Grit, Ford v Ferrari and whatnot, have been always embraced and lauded by the audience. The fame as an actor is simply not enough for Damon that he also came out to be a producer and a screenwriter flourishing in the domain. He and Ben Affleck launched the production company, named ‘Pearl Street Films’ in 2012. Although, their first production named ‘The Promised Land’ went underperformed, but soon the reputation of the house went well with time.

He has received several features and awards for his flashing presence in the Industry, including an Oscar nomination, The Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and the Golden Globe Award for the Best Actor.

Further, when asked about his social media absence he referred that he is already connected to the people who he needs to be connected with (Regarding Facebook), and states that his “knee-jerk” reflexive response to some incidents need not be known by the whole world ( Regarding Twitter).