MCU recalls: Thanos' downfall was possible
by Susweta Bose | Tue, 14 Sep 2021 16:53:41 GMT
Image Source: Polygon, Forbs

Fans have been lately focussing on the errors of the Marvel heroes. Mainly the scene where Thanos got the Infinity stone and killed almost half of the world with the assistance of Gauntlet. Although in Avengers: Infinity War, the Avengers have tried to stop Thanos from finding the Infinity stone but eventually failed to do so.

Now What If….? Superhero zombie series has confirmed a clue that viewers have been indicating for a long time. The initial three levels focused on Thanos' hunt to get access to Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity stones. It also features the ability to equalize the universe. The plot had been shown to the fans but the debate about "how Thanos could be stopped?" is still consistent.

Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting advanced in level four, which incorporates films and Television shows together. Viewers love the idea of the animated collection series What If…?.

This show scours through different marvel universe dimensions. This includes Doctor Strange turning into a demon, T' Challa changing to Star-Lord, Peggy Carter to Captain Carter, and Hank Pym murdering Avengers.

Fans are going crazy over the 5th episode that shows the exact comic plot in the Zombie series. It also shows the most basic and effective means to block Thanos' evil plans. The episode starts when Hulk gets down on land to inform his partners that Thanos' arrival is near. Shortly Bruce noticed that his fellow members, Doctor Strange and Tony Stark, had transformed into brainless creatures.

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Out of numerous possibilities, viewers believe one more way to defeat Thanos. They elaborated that when Marvel heroes were holding Thanos's right hand, they should have hit it on his head or left hand holding Gauntlet.

What If….? has featured distinct interesting plots which are likely to be explored in the coming future. While the Marvel Zombie episode of the show turns a fan's assumption into reality, let's see what else does it hold.