Michael B. Jordan opens up about going public with his relationship with Lori Harvey
by Ana Walia | Thu, 02 Dec 2021 07:55:43 GMT
Image Source: Yahoo News

Last year, voted as the sexiest man alive Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey sparked romance rumors in late 2020 after the pair were spotted at the Atlanta and Salt Lake City airports and later confirmed their relationship in January 2021 by sharing a couple of pictures of their relationship.

In June 2021, Lori Harvey told Bustle, "I think we’re both very private people naturally." So we just decide: if we take a picture or whatever it is, do you want to post this? Do we not? We know some people love and support us and want to see us. So [we want to] give just enough, but keep the majority of it just for us. We’re trying to find a balance". 

Michael B. Jordan recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about going public with his relationship with Lori Harvey, as well as giving the audience a sneak peek at his upcoming work.

Michael B. Jordan is gearing up to debut as a director with "Creed III," along with staring in "A Journal for Jordan," with Denzel Washington directing it. The movie is based on a real-life story and is slated for release on Christmas Day. Speaking about his career and the success he has been a part of, Jordan said, "To be young, black, and successful—and disruptive—in this industry, there’s a certain navigation to get to the place I need to get to. This is the most open that things have been for somebody who’s in favor right now, and you try to hold onto that moment and stay in it for as long as you can. "

A Journal for Jordan is a romantic movie, and Michael B. Jordan’s relationship with Lori Harvey has helped him to prepare for portraying a romantic guy on-screen. Shining some light on this, the actor said, "There are roles that I passed on because I knew I didn’t have enough life experience to play them." I was like, "What can I pull from here?" But I finally found what love was". The movie is an adaptation by Oscar-nominated screenwriter Virgil Williams of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Dana Canedy’s best-selling 2008 memoir of the same name.

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Denzel Washington said that he just knows that he likes Michael B. Jordan, and he can see why the audience loves him. Michael, on the other hand, said that Denzel Washington perfected the leading man. "He was like, ‘I’m going to fucking dominate this one thing and master it’ — the specificity of that got him to the point where he is universal and can do anything," Jordan added. But at the same time, Jordan mentioned that he identifies with another generation of actors with which he shared, "Will [Smith] took an enterprise approach, and that’s something I connect with. He says all the time that he doesn’t feel like he’s the most talented, but he works the hardest. It’s work ethic, big vision, and marketability. "

Michael B. Jordan further mentioned that with his decision to direct and star in Creed III, he wants to make his impact while he still has the energy and strength, and he truly believes that with his experience and knowledge of directing, he could do it. "It’s the moment I’ve waited for my entire life. This is it. This can dictate the next 10, 15, or 20 years, "he added.

Talking about Michael and Lori, who recently celebrated their first anniversary earlier this month, the ‘Blank Panther’ actor said that he finally felt comfortable in sharing his relationship with the world because he believed that he could handle having a relationship in the public eye. "When I was younger, I don't know if I could have handled the onslaught of opinions and being picked apart, while also being conscious of what the other person was going through. It takes a special person to deal with that", he added.

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The actor also shared that he finally felt that he was comfortable and that the situation was real enough for him to share. "There’s a premeditated planning of staying out of the way [of the public eye] that sometimes kills spontaneity and intimacy. I wanted to take that away and give this the best chance it had, in this weird world that we live in, to be somewhat normal. Long story short, I think it’s just the timing of everything. It was the right time for me. Yeah, I’m happy," Jordan added.

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A source also mentioned to People back in February that Michael and Lori were getting serious about each other, and it is pretty evident that they don’t want to be part of it. "When they don't travel together, Lori spends a lot of time in Los Angeles with Michael," the source added.

Lori Harvey’s adopted father and game show host Steve Harvey also approves of Michael B. Jordan, and in September he said, "I don’t speak publicly about this type of stuff, but I’m happy for my daughter right now. I am. It’s the first time I’ve been happy for her [in a relationship]. He’s just a good guy. If he wasn’t, get him out of here. "

Information Source: The Hollywood Reporter