Milo Ventimiglia talks about the Jack Pearson journey in This Is Us
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 10 May 2022 04:36:54 GMT
This is Us is close to reaching its season finale and the characters are going through life-altering experiences; Credits: Deadline

The actors and actresses of This Is Us have been quite emotional over the past few days as the series came to its ending. They have been looking back on their long journeys with the exceptional show and talked about what made them feel at home when they were amongst the cast of This Is Us. 

The fan-favorite series has had a long journey as it narrated the life of the Pearson family and showed the lives of the characters. One of the most notable characters of the series was Jack Pearson, played by Milo Ventimiglia

The impressive character carried the story many times even though he had met his eventual fate in season 2 of the series itself. Yet, he continued to live on and impact the lives of the Pearsons through the years as he lived and added depth to the story from different timelines of the plot. 

The character was significantly mentioned over the six seasons of the show and came to be known for his golden heart as Milo admitted. Yet, the actor shared that he and the character were not always on the same side of the coin and they had their own differences. 

Looking back at his character, Milo shared that many times during the proceedings of the events of the story, he would have chosen a different course of action as compared to his methods of Jack. Hence, he would go about differently when handling things. 

But, the actor also admitted that the same could have been thought of by Jack if she were a real person. He would look at the actor's life and wonder why Milo made the decisions that he did. 

Talking during The Awards podcast by EW for the SCAD TVfest, the actor expressed that he thinks Jack made a very complex and real character who lived through the various complications of life and was just about as human as anyone else. His outlook on certain things and the mistakes that he might have committed make him so much more relatable. 

If only his decisions were to be made more perfect and foolproof, the perfectness of it all might have made him look like an unrealistic character which is unattainable in real life. Hence, this can be used to justify that he need not always be judged for his actions. 

Throughout the series, Jack's wife and children kept holding him to a pedestal as they struggled with their own lives and the audience has also always had such high hopes for the character. Yet Milo shared that Jack need not be held to a platform of judgment and that it is okay to be flawed. 

As an audience, it is easier to see the character's situation from multiple points of view and form notions about what is wrong and what is right. Hence, his flaws were highly visible while also showing that some of his decisions were not for the best. And yet, he was a man of considerable significance, and even aspiring to be like him can be a great personality boost. 

And yet, there are so many other things that come into play when a character is portrayed. Milo explained that it was not very easy wearing Jack's shoes and that as he tried playing the character well, the judgment of the audience which should have been only reserved for Jack was also transferred to Milo. 

The actor revealed that he too was put on a pedestal just like the character. Needless to mention, the actor is not the character himself but just someone who puts life into the role. He shared that he had to ask people to not hold him onto a platform and see that he was trying his best to play a character and show how Jack could have been inspirational. 

On the other hand, characters like Jack are really needed to show people that everyone can have distinct personalities. Jack can inspire other people to also have a golden heart like him despite his flaws and add good value to the life of people near them

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