Mission Impossible 7 Co-stars splits up after the completion of the film, now in friends’ zone.
by Surabhi Goel | Sun, 26 Sep 2021 16:01:33 GMT
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Mission Impossible 7, a stunning action sequel that was postponed owing to the pandemic. Its co-stars Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell, the captain America starlet who is 20 years younger, split up after coming close to each other while shooting for the film.

Officially it is not confirmed by the actors about their being in a relationship but their romancing around the streets of Rome interlocking hands, meet-ups at shooting sets of the sequel movie, and recently spotted together at Wimbledon in England on the weekend in the summer without covering their face where it was mandatory to wear the mask. 

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They were also spotted on the actor’s London helipad. They both looked contented and radiant together.

The two were seen on many junctures in the US and Rome replicating his character as Ethan Hunt in the forthcoming Mission Impossible 7.

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Another spot was in August when they were seen at the Birmingham Shopping center waving their hands to their fans. The fans also waited at the mall to have the look of sets getting unfurled as the shopping center was remolded into the Abu Dhabi Airport. 

Tom Cruise, one of the highest-paid actors who married three well-known actresses Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes. He has three children. Two of them he fostered when he was married to Kidman Connor, 26, and Isabella, 28, and a biological father of one with Holmes named Suri 15 years of age. He is also an upfront advocate in the Church of Scientology which helped him curing his dyslexia.

Hayley Atwell, also titled “queen of period drama” by the Guardian, is more comfortable in rising as an actress than falling in a relationship. Previously it was rumored that she was dating her school friend, who was a doctor by profession. But her mystery man is still a mystery for everyone. Recently, she was connected with dashing Tom Cruise while filming together for the Mission Impossible sequel.

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An insider revealed to The Sun newspaper that it was a “very intense period” for both of them working together. They were cordial with each other and the couple complemented each other in their looks as both are good Hollywood celebrities. But as the production is coming to an end the couple has decided to be friends again.

He also revealed that the duo was on the same wavelength from day one of the production. Even the source added that due the lockdown and the problems faced in filming brought the twosome closer.

A source added that after parting from their relationship, they are still working together merrily and working together as a team.

The couple’s split was very friendly, and the co-stars will be seen together for advertising the film before the publishment of the movie on Big Screens. 

The new projects are already in the queue for both the stars, and The Top Gun actor has many other undertakings lined up, which he always completes in his private jet and helicopter. Henceforth, with the end of the shooting, their relationship also reached a standstill.