Money Heist copies Twist of Indian Movie? Is the Climax Really Copied?
by Susweta Bose | Thu, 09 Sep 2021 03:35:34 GMT
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Even before its release, Money Heist has been on the Netizens radar and has continued to be so since talks of Season 5 were announced. Nowadays, Money Heist is one of the most-watched series, especially the fifth season. It is currently streaming on Netflix. Viewers are going bonkers over the series plots and the swirls it offers.

There, though, seems to be a new twist in the East. An Indian actor has come up with the point that the climax where Tokyo Kills Gandia is copied from his Bollywood movie Bichhoo. This actor Bobby Deol who is on Twitter by the name of Bobbywood, is also sure he can predict the end of Season 5.

BobbyWood's page on Twitter has indicated that the Money Heist climax is a replication of the 2000 released movie Bichhoo. Fans are going crazy about the predictions made by the person behind the page.

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Our beloved lord Bobby (Bobby Deol) is sure he already performs the plot in the ending of the movie. However, he is not always hundred percent correct, as proved earlier (chuckles). The next lines will illustrate the specific scenes that resemble Bichhoo.

Bobby has uploaded a video on his YouTube channel where viewers can solve the puzzle by connecting scenes with each other. It shows the ending is entirely copied from the Bobby Deol starter Bichhoo.

Bobby killed Bichhoo the way Gandia murdered Tokyo in the Money Heist. It is a bit unusual for the audience to experience such close similarities. Nobody would have thought that Bobby's movie would inspire such a popular series Money Heist.

According to the interviewer, Bobby from Bichhoo revealed that he was quite sad after hearing from the maker that his character would die in the end. Because in earlier times, Bollywood was all about happily ever after. The lead actor fights with goons in the climax and survives somehow. But the director was persistent in ending the movie by killing the lead.


It was the rightful decision of the Bichhoo director if he hadn't thought about a different climax than how Money Heist, the most liked show by the viewers, could have copied the ending after all.

Money Heist once again has created nostalgia among Bollywood lovers. Fans are happy to remember Bobby again as the curly hair swagger who danced in songs like Duniya Hasino Ka Mela and Naiyo Naiyo.

In an interview, Bobby had talked about Bichhoo and said, “And Bichhoo actually, I was telling Guddu bhaiyya, he is my uncle but I always call him bhaiyya. I mean he has also had an amazing career from being a production manager to becoming a director to a producer. When Bichhoo was being made, I asked him why you were killing my character. Because in those days, people would get upset if the hero dies in the end. At that point, he believed that we should keep it like that. I think it did well but if my character had not died in the end, it would have done better. Even the music, Guddu bhaiyya had a great sense of music.”