Netflix Released The Second Trailer For Emily In Paris
by Jaskiran Kaur | Fri, 19 Nov 2021 16:23:04 GMT
Image Source: Netflix, Republic World

Emily in Paris is coming back for season 2!

Emily, the lead character of Emily in Paris, played by Lily Collins, who is also "meant to be a bit of a frustrating character," as explained by the show's creator, is an American who has gone to Paris. Born and brought up in Chicago, Emily latched on to the opportunity of getting to work abroad as a marketing executive, and what is better? She gets to work in the City of Love!

Season 1 showed the young girl to be a bit of a typical tone-deaf American in a foreign place. Darren Star shared, "I can see why people were irritated by that. But it's part of her learning curve, and that's where the tension in the show lies." Collins, the star of the show, also shared that it has always been the point for Emily to learn about the culture and its history and get to grow. Talking about helping Emily grow, Collins said, "We're in on it, and Emily is in on it," and added, "She is the first person to poke fun at herself."

The show has reached 58 million households, as revealed by Netflix. Premiered for the first time in October 2020, Emily's trip abroad turned out to be the "most popular" comedy of the year. Talking about the slightly annoying lead character who still managed to get so many people to love her, Collins shared that it is the slight theme of escapism in the story that makes watching the series so much fun. 

The show airing just in the time when the pandemic has reached its all-time high crescendo also made it so popular amongst the masses. While the people were hobbling in their rooms and glued to their couches, it was refreshing to see Emily walk through the streets of the City of Lights, explore the picturesque scenery of the city and enjoy its vibrant culture and fashion. Lily Collins herself shared, "Someone told me that it reminded them of what fun felt like." 

Apart from the excellent scenic beauty of the series, the comedy and on-time delivery of jokes also did not hurt either. While many people continued to see it as fiction, Lily shared that many of the on-screen happenings were actually true. She said, "We pulled a lot from our personal experiences. So if anyone was watching it saying, 'Well, that would never happen…' it actually did — to, like, three of us!" She also added, "And of course, certain things were heightened. It's all meant to be bright and bubbly and fun." Darren Star, however, said that he believes that no one hates the show, as he said, "I don't really feel like people waste time watching things that they hate. I give people more credit than that."

Emily in Paris also managed to grab two Golden Globes and an Emmys nomination. However, Star shared, "To me, it's never about awards. It's about what the show means to people. In the end, did you entertain the audience? Does this show bring them joy? Is this something they're going to think about and remember in the future as something they loved? That's what's most important."

Now, the series will pick off right where it ended, and it will be exciting to see what other turns and twists befalls Emily's love life. The show ended with Emily sleeping with Gabrial, played by Lucas Bravo, but does not show where things will head on from there. Collins shares, "Emily is reeling from the night before and grappling with this triangle she's found herself in. She's left in an awkward position and has to make the best of it."

Darren Star added, "Her life is in chaos. I don't think she's a person who's ever been involved in any sort of messy relationship. And the more she tries to control things, the more they actually get out of hand."

Further, the second season of the show will continue with Emily's eccentric fashion sense, and of course, feature her all-consuming love for hats. The second season's wardrobe ensemble is curated by Patricia Field and Marilyn Fitoussi. Talking about Emily's fashion choices, Star said, "It's entertaining to me in the way that a movie like Funny Face is. It's that same level of eye candy, and it adds a whole other visual layer."

However, the second season will expand a bit more to encompass a broadened span over the rest of the characters from the series. 

Collins said, "We wanted all the other characters in the show to have bigger storylines, and hired incredible actors as new characters." Saying that the show also keeps "diversity and inclusion" Emily mentioned that many new stars are to head in for season 2. 

This will include Jeremy O. Harris from Slave Play, who gets to portray "a very flamboyant fashion designer who arrives in episode 2 and makes a spectacular reappearance at the end of the season."

Now, with Netflix releasing another trailer for the second season, we will get to see more Emily's growth, the rich vibrancy of Parisian culture, and all that the series has to offer us in the name of comedy. The trailer picks off right where Emily is struggling to tell Camille that she has slept with Gabriel, as Camille is still hoping for a romantic reconciliation with her ex. 

The scenes then quickly shift to Emily explaining what happened, followed by guilt, and then Emily has a great time while she watches fashion shows and parties. The trailer also features a line by Sylvie, Emily's boss saying, “Emily, you’re getting more French by the day,” as the lead tries to explain to her boss about her quite complicated life. 

The trailer ponders over the possibility of Emily meeting someone new to whom she might be attracted while she is still stuck in the love triangle between Antoine and Gabriel. The trailer comes to an end with Sylvie exclaiming, “If you’re going to do Paris for one year, for God’s sake, do it right.”

The trailer released on Instagram by Netflix also featured the caption: “She’s back for amour and coming in HAUTE! Emily in Paris launches 12/22 only on Netflix." Season 2 of the series Emily in Paris will premiere on December 22. The series will feature Collins, Ashley Park, Camille Razat, Lucas Bravo, William Abadie, Bruno Gallery, Samuel Arnold, and Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu.