Netflix rules the Emmys, topping HBO as a winner of most awards for the first time!
by Mahima Jhawar | Tue, 21 Sep 2021 12:44:19 GMT
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One of the most famous and reputed OTT platform, namely Netflix, is renowned for its classic delivery of multilingual and famous series, dramas, shows and movies and that too from a single platform! Of course, the access to this “treasure” is not at all free and demands subscription plans that may vary from monthly to an annual basis.

In this new era of “Netflix and Chill,” this application is considered reputed enough to rule over every platform. The same happened to this year’s Emmy Awards which were held on Sunday. Netflix dominated the Award show by a lot, so much so that it even beats the renowned platform named HBO or HBO Max. This didn’t even happen by chance, I mean that the difference between the tally count of both the “competitors” was not of a small figure, instead it varied by a difference of more than double!

The tally of wins by Netflix in the Award show was even more than the combined tall of awards received by HBO or HBO Max and Disney Plus, which were the next two companies following the lead.

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We can see how Netflix rules the lot by being a part of 129 nominations this year at Emmy Awards, whose count was one less than the total count of nominations of HBO and HBO Max combined! This victory is beyond huge and feels like the most precious moment of success in the history o the company.

It won’t be wrong to say that the two companies, Netflix and HBO has been battling for past five years for achieving superiority and primacy in Emmy nominations as the two have been trading the title of being the “most nominated network or streaming service or studio” for a while now that is, since 2017 to be close.

Now beginning with numbers, to give more light and clarity to the aforementioned facts. The Sunday’s ceremony saw Netflix winning 44 Emmy Awards this year combining the primetime awards. That day marked the first time for Netflix to see the most wins at Emmys ever since 2013 when the company’s programming was nominated for the first time ever.

Prior to this date, Netflix never defeated HBO in the count of wins at the Emmys and generally ranked lower in the race with HBO. The closest it came to the latter in the number of wins was when the two companies tied in their tally, back in 2018.

But that changed Sunday changed everything for Netflix including its number of statutes and even its reputation to be regarded like and above HBO. Now let’s talk about the total wins of the lead following companies like HBO and Disney Plus.

HBO’s combined number of wins on both the traditional streaming platform and the modern streaming service (namely the HBO Max) was 19 with ‘Mare of Easttown and Hacks’ standing out for winning multiple nominations and awards. This count is less than even the half count of Netflix’s Emmy wins, surprisingly for the very first time in its history.

Moving forward to the third leading company in the league, Disney Plus came upon next in line by witnessing 14 Emmy wins at the function. The win count includes many honors received for its technical achievements which were handed out to the company at the creative arts Emmys the previous week, plus one statute for ‘Hamilton’.

Disney Plus was launched in 2019, which came nearby to the launch of the Apple TV Plus (with a difference of about two weeks between the two). So, these two companies saw their second Emmys as contestants in 2021.

This year’s Emmy Awards is not only remarkable for Netflix, but it is equally significant for Apple TV Plus. It is because that one of the most popular comedy series in the world namely ‘Ted Lasso’  (an Apple TV Plus series) has been awarded four brand new Emmy wins making it memorable for the company who got itself marked as “the first streaming service to win an Emmy Award in Program Category in its second year of contending”

The comedy series has made history by getting the highest number of nominations as a freshmen comedy series by creating history at the Emmy awards. The series alone had made Apple TV Plus win a total of seven Emmy Awards in 2021. Besides winning the award for the outstanding comedy series, the stars of the films won individual awards too. The lead actor category was won by Jason Sudeikis while the supporting actors, Hannah Waddingham and Bred Goldstein too won statutes for their brilliant performances which is a great deal for the three performers of making it to their first Emmy ever!

So, Apple TV Plus won 11 awards in total at the Emmys which is definitely an encouraging deal!

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Undoubtedly, awards like these motivates the companies and individuals to improve and give their best  indeed but this shall not be considered as a “bragging symbol”. Earning a win is a matter of recognition and reputation but taking it solely as an indicator of a company’s success and content quality is not good.

The ones who won most wins and one with less ones shall not be compared to determine the most superior, instead these ranks shall be considered as a good wish that there is a scope to improve and give your best and nothing else.

Afterall, a healthy competition is a must to improve our efficiency and effectiveness and without this the world would not want to enhance and would be static forever, yeah?

Indeed awards are good to showcase your talent and significance for marketing purposes and not for showing-off. OTT services like Netflix, Warner Media’s HBO Max, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Apple TV Plus and many others are longing for your subscription, of course. But, a remarkable Emmy win also let these platforms to try up to and act as a fresh talent for Hollywood too!

Wishing all the nominees, winners and participants good luck for the next Emmys too!

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