New information surfaced about Stephen "tWitch" Boss' untimely death. Read more here.
by Ana Walia | Fri, 16 Dec 2022 19:39:13 GMT
Stephen "tWitch" Boss left a suicide note. Image Source: NBC News 

Stephen "tWitch" Boss left a suicide note.

New information about Stephen "tWitch" Boss' early demise has surfaced. The former house DJ of The Ellen DeGeneres Show left a suicide note in the motel, mentioning his preceding challenges.

According to TMZ, the officers found a suicide letter written by Stephen "tWitch" Boss, which had oblique references to the problems he had been handling at the time of his death. The letter's contents or Stephen "tWitch" Boss' challenges haven't yet been disclosed, but sources have told The Post that any assertions that Stephen "tWitch" Boss had lost his entire savings are false.

According to LAPD Sergeant Borihana, the officers were dispatched to a paramedic's death at the motel in which Stephen "tWitch" Boss did check in at 11:33 p.m. The sergeant also asserted that the cause of death was largely decided to be suicide, that no wrongdoing was presumed, and also that the body was turned over to the Los Angeles County Coroner.

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The LA County Coroner affirmed that Stephen "tWitch" Boss died from a head wound caused by a gunshot and that no evidence of wrongdoing was suspected in his death. Stephen "tWitch" Boss' wife, Allison Holker, has said they did not experience any issues before actually his disappearance on Monday.

Allison Holker confirmed her husband's death in a declaration to People on Tuesday, saying with a heavy heart that she has to share that her husband Stephen "tWitch" Boss has passed away, noting that her husband seemed to have the power to brighten up the room as soon as he walked in. She went on to say that Stephen "tWitch" Boss prioritized family, friends, and the community above all else and dedicated his life to living a life filled with love and light.

Stephen "tWitch" Boss' wife said that her husband was the backbone of the family, and he was a great husband, father, and inspiration to everyone. Stephen "tWitch" Boss’ grandfather, Eddy Boss, revealed that his grandson had expressed his love for him in what is now considered his final message for him. Eddy said that the last thing Stephen "tWitch" Boss said to him was a text that he sent, which read "I Love You Dad-Dad."

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Eddy Boss shared with the Daily Mail that he never saw any signs of Stephen "tWitch" Boss struggling with his mental health and added that they had spoken recently and he was the same happy-go-lucky person that Stephen "tWitch" Boss had always been. Channing Tatum, who co-starred with Stephen "tWitch" Boss in Magic Mike XXL, shared a picture on his social media and wrote that he has no words, adding that his head and heart cannot understand the situation. Channing continued that this is just so much and he doesn't know where to begin, before concluding that he loves him and will see him again.

Michelle Obama recounted her time with Stephen "tWitch" Boss and did write that she is deeply saddened to learn about the death of Stephen "tWitch" Boss, whom she became acquainted with over the years through her Let's Move! Initiative and attending to The Ellen Show. The former first lady defined him as an immense strength, somebody who exuded compassion and optimism and ensured that those around him felt the same. She expressed her deepest sympathies to his wife and three children, saying that they felt his enthusiasm in every dance, every DJ set, and every piece of creative thinking that he brought to life.  Michelle also told her fans that if they are struggling and need someone to talk to, they should know that they are never alone and that there is always someone willing to help. She mentioned the crisis helpline, 988, and said people could call or text if they needed to.

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Jessie J shared a reel of Stephen "tWitch" Boss and Allison Holker dancing and wrote that it breaks her heart to know that the man was suffering so deeply, adding that he was the light to so many, and it breaks her heart that his wife and kids are left behind with broken hearts. Val wrote in a heartbreaking caption that the post is dedicated to the man who managed to touch so many lives with his beautiful spirit and infectious smile.

He added further that Stephen "Twitch" Boss was an example for him and so many of them trying to make their little fifteen minutes into a two-hour special in the strange and at times brutal world of entertainment. Val went on to say that everyone loved Stephen "tWitch" Boss because he was the exact representation they wanted and were proud of, that he would be missed and ferociously celebrated for years to come, and that he just hoped he knew how much he was loved before he died. He noted that he could not believe that he was writing this, but guessed that the ones that smiled the brightest may be the ones that hurt the most.

If you or somebody who you realize is suicidal or wants to talk, call the National Suicide Prevention Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or text TALK to 741741.